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Album: BlasterReleased: 2015
  • This song was inspired by a viewing of a Prohibition Era-set movie. "It's a musical homage to the film Lawless… moonshine, jalopies… the whole scene," Scott Weiland told Billboard magazine. "It's got a sludgy, bluesy stomp from start to finish yet there are ethereal elements that take you on a journey."

    "The riff has been in the back of my head for a long time," he added, "but when I wrote the lyrics I had just watched the film, it was on my mind, and the words just naturally flowed with the overall tone of the song."
  • In 1920 the prohibition of alcoholic drinks came into effect in the United States. It was intended to eliminate the saloon and the drunkard from American society. A consequence of the prohibition law was the creation of an illegal alcohol industry that was controlled by the Mafia. 'White lightning' is a slang term used to describe high-proof distilled spirits produced illicitly.
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