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Everything Your Heart Desires by Hall & Oates

Album: Ooh Yeah!Released: 1988Charted:
  • In this song, Daryl Hall sings about a girl who is always looking for something more, never satisfied with what she has. In our interview with Hall, he explained: "That is about people who are dissatisfied. It's saying, Why are you dissatisfied? You know you have a really interesting world here. And all these people that you think are better off than you, or that you admire, they probably have their own problems, and probably worse problems than you have. So wake up and smell the roses."
  • Like "Rich Girl" and "Your Imagination," this was composed entirely by Daryl Hall. He wrote the song while sitting on a hay bale at his farm in Millbrook, New York.
  • There is something very unusual about this song: there are no rhymes. "It was all just free, A-B-C-D-E-F-G, kind of lyrics," Hall told us.
  • Daryl Hall does a spoken interlude in this song around the four-minute mark, breaking it down for the girl:

    You think it's all out there?
    Ha, well, I know what's out there
    And I know you're not gonna find anyone
    No one that's gonna understand you
    Exactly the way I do

    These interludes are often used by soul music vocal groups, many of which Hall grew up listening to.
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