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Somethin' Else


Eddie Cochran

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Cochran wrote this with the help of Sharon Sheeley, who became Eddie's girlfriend. There weren't many female songwriters at the time, but Sheeley's first effort, "Poor Little Fool," became a #1 hit for Ricky Nelson. She met Eddie when she asked him to record one of her songs.
On April 17, 1960, Cochran was killed in a car accident at age 21. Sheeley and Gene Vincent were also in the car and injured in the crash, but Cochran went through the windshield.
Sheeley continued to write songs for artists like Brenda Lee and Irma Thomas. She died in 2002 at age 62.
Eddie Cochran
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Comments (7):

This song has the same drum beat as Little Richard's "Rip it Up", Sharon did this to impress on Eddie who was a big fan of Little Richard.
- Viktor, Vänersborg, Sweden
Cripes Jeff, I'm staggered that ANYBODY remembered The Move version!! Especially as I'm not sure if The Move were particularly well known in the States.I actually bought this EP and still have it. Must be around '66 '67. The Move sort of evolved into ELO. Roy Wood I believe had the original idea for the band but Jeff Lynne took it on and the rest is history. Good trivia question there, What links Roy Orbison with 60s vocalist Roy Wood The Move?
- Jon, Great Yarmouth, United Kingdom
I saw Keith Richards open an Xpensive Winos show with this once.

I'd like to hear that UFO version.
- Tom, Pittsburgh, PA
British hard rock group UFO also recorded a cover of "Somethin' Else" on their 1982 album 'Mechanix'.
- Mike, Victoria, B.C., Canada
Actually Wade, Zeppelin oftened played this from 1970-1971 as an encore, back to back with c'mon everybody or summertime blues.
- swansong200, Calhoun, GA
The Move recorded a live EP called Something Else by the Move which included this song. The New York Dolls have also performed this song. Recently (circa 2005) there was a version performed by Little Richard and Tanya Tucker as a duet.
- Jeff, San Jose, CA
Led Zeppelin performed this song live once. You can hear their version on the BBC Sessions CD.
- Wade, Katy, TX
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