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Her Ghost In The Fog by Cradle of Filth

Album: MidianReleased: 2000
  • This is about a man who's love was raped and killed by five men as she picked herbs at night. The song talks about the men's lust for her ("By her taffeta lay of her hips that held sway") and his destined love for her. It eventually leads up to his killing of the men and his suicide ("I embrace where lovers rot"). He is haunted by her ghost in the fog. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Tanen - Wurtsboro, NY
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Comments: 23

You guys should listen to their version of Mr. Crowley! It's a masterpiece!Andrea - Arkansas
I wouldn't read to far into the "meaning of the songs" any band whose tee shirt reads "Jesus is a c--t" is pretty self explanatory.Andrea - Arkansas
Ali... That line "oh no tears please" is definitely from hellraiser. Doug Bradly is the one who did all those parts. He has info online about what it was like to work with cradle of filth.Andrea - Arkansas
I have to say, that lead riff in the chorus... O-R-G-A-S-M-I-C. Haha, I love when Cradle does a melodic song... It is a really sort of dark/tragic tale that the song puts forth, but at the same time... I love that bittersweet sense of loss. Danny's vocals are awesome, the cleans are awesome... This is the song you use to get people into Cradle Of Filth.Matthew - Harties, South Africa
Hmmm...imho this another one of CoFs songs about their obsession with making the bad Christians make ALL Christians look bad. But all the same, I'm gonna say she was indeed raped and killed (obviously) but whoever the hell it was didnt necessarily kill himself, just weeped for her. The songs purpose I already stated...it's meaning...well you guys are dead on :) But keep in mind a song can have a different meaning to anyone.Nathan - Louisville, Tn
Just another reason to hate "men of god" as all you hypocrites callNathan - Paoli, In
The singer sounds like he's either a helium addict or has his privates caught in haybailer while doing an impersonation of Donald Duck. Well done.Mike - Matawan, Nj
cradle is the best band in the world
by the way swansong for a raven is not as good as you may think it is
check me out on myspace. i am SiHkKeD KlOwN!
Quentin - Jackson, Ms
its about a man whos love is picking herbs when she is suddenly raped by five church men who have a violent lust for her in the process they drop the church key. When the man finds his love dead he mourns her and sees the gleam from the key and uses it to lock the men in the church and burn it down as their judgement he then burys the girl later revealed to be named clarrissa (swansong for a raven)Cody - Front Royal, Va
I'm pretty sure that the line "Oh, no tears please" was from Hellraiser... not sure, but I just watched it and that sparked in my head because a person used that lineAli - Sterling, Ks
There are just 4 Cradle songs on this site?! MORE CRADLE!!!Micka - šèavnica, Other
This song is fricken great!Amanda - Walled Lake, Mi
these five people werent very good christians if they decide to rape herMitch - Ames, Ia
I believe this song is about the Corruption of the various Churches in our world. It is playing on the fact that the churches teach chastity and purity, but most of the followers believe and do what they want, and use religion as a comfort. I always figured that the five men of god were people of a religious order or priests. Because, that would give the meaning of the song...more meaning. If the preachers don't practice what they preach, then that truely will show corruption in an organization.Matt - Allentown, Pa
In the song, he does not commit suicide in the end. "I embraced where lovers rot..." just implies his mourning for her in a graveyare (where lovers rot)Zack - Gun Barrel City, Tx
She was raped and killed by Church soldiers. "They raped and left, five men of God". This was because they thought she practiced witchcraft, but her beauty was such they felt the need to rape her. "For she's been a witch their men had longed to try..." He locked them in their church, and burnt it to the ground. Overall, it's a gnarly song, one of Cradle Of Filth's best works. And no, I don't believe he does commit suicide, for in Swansong For A Raven(the followup to this song), he mentions being behind bars, which gives an allusion that he was captured and imprisoned.Elijah - Shoalhaven, Australia
It should also be noted that the church (chapel) was burned to the ground.Adam - Halifax, Canada
lol the bible is silly not just the anti christ the song rules.Travis - Nashville, Tn
You know, I thought this song was ridiculously similar to Anthony Burgusses Clockwork Orange. When Alex and his 4 droogs, violently rape and murder F. Scott Alexander's wife. Hey both Danny and Anthony are from England, u never know. Ok i'm just bs'ing here but just opening up the doors.Max - New York, Ny
yeah, i'm not a religious man but i think rape may be frowned upon by the church...James - Brighton, England
They raped (five men of god) . . . No doubt that anti-christ that Danny "thinks is silly" is ever present in this song.Carlos - Oxnard, Ca
there is a little more ot it then what Ross said..
the song is about a man who's love was raped and killed by five men as she picked herbs at night. The song tlaks about the men's lust for her(by her taffeta lay of her hips that held sway) and his destined love for her it eventual leads up to his killing of the men and his suicide (i embrace where lovers rot)..He is haunted by her ghost in the fog
Tanen - Wurtsboro, Ny
Song rules :)Abbes - Windsor, Canada
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