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Teenage Talk by St. Vincent

Album: Not Released on an AlbumReleased: 2015
  • A demo left over from Annie Clark's self-titled fourth studio album, this was used to close out the 'Tad & Loreen & Avi & Shanaz' episode of Girls, an HBO series created by and starring Lena Dunham. "I said to St. Vincent's people, 'We love Annie and she and Lena are friends. Is there anything laying around?' They sent us a demo of a song called 'Teenage Talk' that she hadn't released yet and it was amazing," the show's music supervisor, Manish Raval told Billboard magazine. "Lena flipped for it."
  • Annie Clark wrote this song in Austin, Texas, which sparked memories of growing up in Dallas and her close group of high school friends. "I have a whole lot of love for Texas still, you know, roots, and friends, family, connections; [the song] was reminding me of my best friends in my youth," Clark explained in a video released by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. "It was incredibly formative. I feel super, super blessed – which is not a word I even use – to have met them in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas and to have forged such a strong bond. We were kind of outsiders, and we had to find our way through the malaise of suburban Texas childhood."
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