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Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy) by John Lennon

Album: Double FantasyReleased: 1980
  • Lennon wrote this for his second son, Sean, who he had with Yoko Ono. Sean was born in 1975. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Mason - San Antonio, TX
  • The line, "Every day and in every way I am getting better and better" is a self-improvement mantra. It was popularized by a French psychologist named Emile Coue, who made his patients repeat it over and over.
  • Richard Dreyfuss' character, Mr Holland, sings this to his deaf son in the movie Mr. Holland's Opus. In the scene, Mr. Holland is upset over the death of John Lennon. When his son asks him what is wrong, Mr. Holland explains that he wouldn't understand. The deaf son gets upset over this because he is not stupid, so Mr. Holland holds a concert at a school for the deaf and sings this song to his son. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Andrew - Oklahoma City, OK
  • Notice the tribute in the song to Paul McCartney in the lyrics, "Every day, in every way, it's getting better and better." This is from The Beatles' song "Getting Better" - John's contribution to that song at the time was cynical and witty (his lyric was "it can't get no worse") but here he was sending a little message to Paul that Paul was right, life does just get keep getting better and better. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Leigh - NY, NY
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Comments: 44

I've made a video of my baby Grandson and want to use Lennon's "Beautiful Boy" as the audio and post it on Facebook. Facebook wouldn't publish because of a possible copyright violation. How can I et permission to use this song in my video?John - Kettering, Oh
I feel a sense of sadness even today hearing this song, Knowing how much John loves his family and son, looking forward to the years ahead but his life got taken away in that moment of madness. As a father myself, I really really feel the pain and grief. Every word in beautiful boy is so meaningful.Km - Singapore, Singapore
Didn't John die soon after this song?Olivia - Philadelphia, Pa
"Hey Jude" was written by Paul McCartney, NOT John Lennon, and was to help him deal with his parents nasty divorce, not to help him out with his step-mom. Julian didn't know it was written for him until he was 20 yrs. old. A lot of other people have said that they thought it was written for them, including John Lennon.Betty - South Bend, In
If you want to know why he wrote a song for Sean but not Julian, read his bio. He was a jerk back when Julian was born, by his own admission. When Yoko got pregnant with Sean, she wanted an abortion but agreed to have the child if John would be a stay-at-home dad, which he did for Sean's first five years. It's sad for Julian, yes, but he bonded with Sean in a way he never did with Julian--He was a different person when Sean was born than he was when Julian was born. Sure, he was father to both of them, but they were not raised by the same dad, and Julian's parents went through a nasty divorce, Sean's parents were happily married. THAT alone makes a huge difference in the kind of father you have the opportunity to be, so does being a lot older and more mature, as he was when Sean came along. He was a living testament to the fact that people can change. Read his bio.Betty - South Bend, In
I feel as if by writing this song, John was also trying to make up for the way he treated Julian. I know at the end he specifically mentions "Sean", but still.Nick - Cincinnati, Oh
This song is brillant! I love how he wrote this for his song, it's so sweet.Breanna - Henderson, Nv
does anybody know what year this was written in?Shai - Roswell, Nm
My favorite part of the song is the ending... the sounds of the beach with the children's voices.Barry - New York, Nc
I was not around 2 ever actually get 2 see John. I'm only 14 and I heard John was the coolest of all 4 beatles. I've only seen the beatles in pictures and in movies which i have a whole bunch b/c i really them. I have to that John and Ringo are my favorite beatles.Claire - Miller's, Md
probably my favorite solo beatle song, though i cant imagine what julian felt when he heard this...the line about seeing him come of age is so sad. he never did.Chloe - St. Louis, Mo
An awesome, beautiful, and poingant song about a man who absolutely loves his son and wants to spend every minute watching im grow. The sad truth of the matter, John was killed when Sean was five and would never get to see his son grow. My favorite line is "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans." I've shared this wong with my children many a time.Eric - Mentor, Oh
"Hey Jude" is apparently about Julian accepting Yoko as his stepmum. So Sean and Julian definitely both got songs and probably inspired many more that aren't so obvious. It's clear though that John was in a better state-of-mind to be a father when Sean came along.Deb - Melbourne, Australia
I think this song was also to let Paul know that he (John) was ready to be a father - since when John's first wife got pregnant (before they got married) Paul offered to marry Cynthia and raise Julien. This is like the moment when John said - OK time to be a grown up.Linc - Beaumont, Tx
Notice the tribute in the song to Paul ("every day, in every way, is getting better and better"). It's from The Beatles' song "Getting Better" - John's contribution to that song at the time was cynical and witty (his lyric was "it can't get no worse") but here he was sending a little message to Paul that Paul was right, life does just get keep getting better and better.Leigh - Ny, Ny
Paul Mccartney has a song getting better in it it says its getting better,a little better and when john lennon says Every day in every way,It's getting better and better, hes telling paul that hes right life does get better every day.Leigh - Ny, Ny
Krissy in Boston: Advantages??? Read Cynthia Lennons book "John" if you want to know what kind of "advantages" Julian had over Sean. I love John dearly but he was a man who ran away from problems and confrontation and as a result ran away from his first born son. Also, Sean didn't get to "hang out" with the Beatles at all since The Beatles had broken up 5 years before Sean was even born.Erika - Fox Valley, Wi
Poor Julian. Sean got a lot mor attancion from John. But still I love this song 'specialy when John says "Close your eyes, have no fear the monster's gone and your daddy's here."Bianca Sanchez - Alburquerque, Nm
This song is so beautiful to me because it was a love letter to his son Shawn. (sp? maybe it was Sean?) Anyway I believe it was a very personal thing for him. Too bad Celine Dion DESTROYED the song recently. BLASPHEMY!!!!Ron - Auburndale, Fl
Actually I justed learned that John wrote the song Good Night for Julian. He gave it to Ringo to sing because he thought it might not be good for his image cause those really weren't his type of songs. So I guess Julian did get a song just John didn't sing it.Krissy - Boston, Ma
I love it. Such a good song. So sweet of him to write it for Sean.Krissy - Boston, Ma
John from Newcastle, John didn't write a song from Julian... i think. Anyway he has metion him in songs like Mother and Happy Christmas (War Is Over). Julian also got to do stuff that Sean didn't. Like he was in the movie Magical Mystery Tour and he got to hang out with Paul, Ringo, and George. Sean never really got to hang out with them when they were the Beatles or I don't even think that much afterwards and if they did very rarely. So both had their advantages.Krissy - Boston, Ma
Krista , Paul wrote Hey Jude for Julian becuase it was the time John and Cynthia were getting a divorce. Paul wroet it cause he was just little and probbaly scared that he is not gonna be with his dad.Krissy - Boston, Ma
my mom always used to sing this to me when i was a baby b/c she said it was named after me...after reading this i see she was very wrong...i'm gonna have to have a talk with her....o well...i still like the songJulian - Austin, Tx
John's state of mind when he wrote "Beautiful Boy" was much better than during Julian's childhood. When he wrote this, he stated that he wanted to be a better father to Sean, and that he'd messed up with Julian, and he was determined to turn things around and be more of a family man. Which just makes this song even sadder, because John never even got the chance.Montelimat - Jacksonville, Fl
Paul has said this is his favorite Lennon song of all time.Bill - Downers Grove, Il
I love this song! This is Lennon's best! The only disadvantage is that I feel SO sorry about Julian! Is that why Paul McCartney wrote Hey Jude?Krista - Elyria, Oh
This is specail song in our house. I am single dad who began singing this song to my man cub while he was still in the womb- yes we still sing it every night as our lullaby. The lyrics sre so touching. This song remains important to us because like Sean & John my wee bonnie lad was born on my birthday.Ken - Baltimore, Md
yeah my name is sean, and whenever i heard this song when i was younger i got excited because at the end he sings "darling sean" and i thought lennon made this song for me.Sean - Trenton, Nj
I named my son Shaun, for many reasons, one being after this song! Every Fathers Day, I listen to this song. Today is the anniversary of John's death, and I will play his music and hug my son! After all of this time we still miss John and his music, and I believe we always will.Brandon - Jackson, Nj
the love a father has for a son....absolutely beautiful, we should all put our thoughts down on paper for the people we love...... ok ....someone pass me a tissuePete - Nowra, Australia
Yeah caught this in 'Opus'----beautiful and soo sad. I was just going on 18 when Johns DBLE FANSTASY came out. I, along witht he world was elited. Im still stunned by Johns demise! Its
beyond ironic! That bastaerd should have fried that day!
Ruth in Mass.
Ruth - North Attleboro, Ma
Hmm, this song is so damm beautiful, been a John & Grorge fan all my life{im 43}. However I do feel Julian was screwed out of a dad. I do wish John didnt FORGET HIM, Paul did more for Julian back then! Thats something I had to get past, John was just a wise, talented yet HUMAN BEING. Not flawless. He got it right the 2nd time around with Sean. Sean had at least 5 yrs. Thats alot to others who have had nothing.
Ruth in Mass.
Ruth - North Attleboro, Ma
He totally forgot Julian!!! He was a sicko sometimes according to his old wife, Cynthia.

Ben - Nyc, Ms
John wrote pretty much NOTHING for Julian...
Though, he did think about him. After marrying Yoko, John wanted to actually have a somewhat healthy father/son relationship... I don't think Julian was real excited about that.
Alistaire - Born In Liverpool..., Ks
Does anyone know what John whispered at the end of the song "Beautiful Boy" ..?
He says "Good Night, I'll see you in the morning.." then I can't tell what else..please help !!
Stu - Atlanta, Ga
I think that one of the most tragic things about John Lennon's death is that Sean was only 5 years old. That has got to hurt, losing your daddy so young. I'm glad John expressed his love in this song and that Sean has it to remind him of that.Jude - Thomasville, Ga
Actually, he DID write a song for Julian. "Good Night" from The White Album was written for Julian.Amanda - Memphis, Tn
He didnt write a song for Julian because he pretty much had no realationship with him.. sad. I guess you can say "Hey Jude" was about Julian; too bad Paul wrote itCarly - San Diego, Ca
Why didn't he write a song for Julian?Chrissy - Billings, Mt
John wrote this while living in Bermuda in 1980.
(That's why the song fades out with the ocean sounds) . In the John Lennon anthology, there is a photo of John holding John's hand as they look out to sea standing near a beach in Pembroke Parish, Bermuda. It perfectly complementments the sentiment of the lyrics, I think.
Vic - Fort Worth, Tx
My god this brings memories, my dad sang this for me when I was a boy.Michael - Reseda, Ca
Richard Dreyfuss sings this song in "Mr. Holland's Opus". However he changes Sean to Cole (his deaf son's name in the movie)Josh - Plainview, Ny
This has one of the best lines in all of lyrics,"Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans." i think that is so fitting for everyone.Natalie - Mulvane, Ks
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