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I Am by Awolnation

Album: RunReleased: 2015
  • Awolnation frontman and principle songwriter Aaron Bruno told Radio.com the story of this self-empowering anthem: "It started with a real special guitar that was given to me by my dad," he said. "I actually kind of adopted it and stole it. Just this simple, kind of garage sale nylon string guitar."

    "I wrote (the song) real late at night," Bruno continued. "At least the intro, the first verse. Didn't think much about it, and then months later we listened to my phone recording, my voice memo, and heard that initial idea and thought, OK, this seems cool, let's work on this. It kind of wrote itself and was a pretty easy song to write. That's usually a good sign for me."
  • The song soundtracks Red Bull's World Of Red Bull commercial. Awolnation signed to Red Bull Records, a subsidiary company of the energy drink.
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