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Dead Fox by Courtney Barnett

Album: Sometimes I Just Sit And Think And Sometimes I Just SitReleased: 2015
  • Barnett told Nothing But Hope and Passion the story of this track, which touches on issues of consumer choice. "At the time I was writing this song there was this huge shark thing – someone got eaten by a shark in Australia, so they went killing sharks. That was happening at that time," she explained.

    "But it's also just about big business taking the small business, local becoming global. A consumerism criticism. I support the local shops, I always buy there instead of big supermarkets, I try to avoid them, It's a bit harder on tour, but you know, I try to avoid McDonalds, also because I don't eat meat."
  • The animated video features a cartoon version of Barnett, as well as foxes, emus and sharks driving over pedestrians with glee. The clip was directed by Rory Kerr and Paul Ruttledge as a macabre twist on the imagery of a children's story book.

    Kerr and Ruttledge said: "We liked how politically loaded and conversational the lyrics are. We wanted the animation to have a stylistic and organic look, hence most of the drawings were done on paper rather than digitally. To further compliment the lyrics, we thought it would be funny to have the animals in the video look as cynical as possible, as if they'd had enough with how humans are treating them."
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