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Pink Snow by The Cribs

Album: For All My SistersReleased: 2015
  • The For All My Sisters album name comes from a lyric from this 7-minute long sprawling tune. Vocalist Gary Jarman explained to HMV.com: "I like having titles that everyone asks about. It's open-ended, it all ties into nicely into us being siblings."
  • Gary Jarman expanded on the choice of the "for all my sisters" lyric for the album title to Digital Spy: "We always do this, we look all over all the words we've written that relate to the album - either lyrically, or titles, or even stuff that got discarded - because they all kind related to [the] record," he explained. "An album title follows you around for the rest of your life really, it's part of your back catalogue. The key thing is to make sure it has something to do with the headspace you're in you made the record, a lyric is a good way of ensuring that. I'm actually really glad that we chose that one. Rather than put too fine a point on it, like with the lyrics, you just leave some room for interpretation with it."

    "There are a few analogies that you can apply to that title that you really sit within our principles," Jarman continued. "Especially as a sibling band, there's a sibling reference - and we don't actually have any sisters anyway so that's another meaning. Some people will describe the feminist element to it, which is a key part of our politics from our formative years. There's a bunch of meanings and it's open to interpretation, that's totally fine. I like something that's evocative rather than blunt."
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