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O God Forgive Us by For King & Country

Album: Run Wild. Live Free. Love StrongReleased: 2014
  • For King and Country close their Run Wild. Live Free. Love Strong album with this muted meditation on God's mercy towards us. Luke Smallbone of the duo explained to Artist Direct: "'O God Forgive Us' is about the difficulties, strange things that take place in life, and the doubt we have about life as well as the challenges there. Sometimes, the wars we have going on inside we're saying, 'O God forgive us for these things!' It's an intimate song for us in a world with a lot of crazy things going on. It's our little plea from our hearts."
  • Joel Smallbone recalled how the words hit home to him when For King & Country performed the song in late 2016, "It was towards the end of last year, we were on tour and it was the final song of the night," he said. "The band as well as our friend KB were on stage together singing these words, 'With our white flags sailing in the night, eyes pointed to the sky, hands up and open wide' and as I looked out over that audience, we were struck with the fact that in this time of international extremism, of racial division, of political tension, what brings us together is so much stronger than what divides us. And that is forgiveness."
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