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From The Beginning


Emerson, Lake & Palmer

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ELP's formula for successful albums seemed to be a concept covering several songs - a beautiful acoustic number by Greg Lake, and one comedy song per album. For Trilogy, "From the Beginning" was Greg Lake's beautiful acoustic number that showed his acoustic guitar skills were right up there with his bass talents. (thanks, Linda - NYC, NY)
A heartfelt song of devotion, Lake claims that the inspiration for the song has left his memory. Says Lake: "Very often lyrics simply come about simply because of the way one feels at a moment in time. There is no earth moving moment of divine inspiration or grand plan and I'm sure that was the case with this song. Although very young at the time I sometimes had moments of reflection and maybe also perhaps a feeling that I could be a better person, I think this was just one of those."
Emerson, Lake & Palmer
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Comments (11):

This song,"Hoedown" & the entirety of "Brain Salad Surgery" are completely insane.Kieth Emerson's keyboards...well,you get the picture.
- Michael, santa cruz, CA
For some reason, this song brings a tear to my eye when I hear it. A beautiful song, beautiful lyrics...and I love the synth near the end. Thanks fyodor of Denver for your insight into the meaning.
- Brad, Topeka, KS
When I was 21 , what a great song and lyrics...
Still fresh for me
- cem, istanbul, Turkey
Sexy song just like 'Still you turn me on'
- erica, barrington , IL
greg lakes voice and acoustics are definately what appealed to me about elp.songs like still,you turn me on,and of course,from the beginning.and i believe in father christmas is still my favorite christmas song despite the controversy and misunderstanding that surrrounds it.
- wes, sherwood, AR
I'm a big fan of this song, but I've always thought the intro sounded a lot like the intro to "Roundabout" by Yes. I wonder if there is any connection between the two groups or between the two songs.
- Jeff, Bethesda, MD
This is a great song, also one that I feel anyone can relate to. "I shouldn't have said..... but there it is". ELP is definitely underrated
- Phill, san anselmo, CA
These lyrics seem to be musings about a difficult relationship which are soothed with the resigned notion that if we're still together after all this, it must have been meant to be! :-) Does anyone know if Carl Palmer actually played on Arthur Brown's "Fire"? From the dates given on, it's perfectly feasible, yet they never come out and say he was there for that one....
- fyodor, Denver, CO
one amazing song!
Carl Palmer was also a part of Atomic Rooster, another prog rock band, as well as a part of The Crazy World of Arthur Brown
- Bryony, Near Brighton
Greg Lake's ballads are what got ELP much of their commerical success. ELP was more "Prog Rock" and very progressive.
Greg Lake came from King Crimson
Keith Emerson came from The Nice
and Carl Palmer came from Authur Brown (Fire, remember, I am the God of hell fire, and i bring you, fire!)
- PHIL, San Jose, CA
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