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There She Goes by Sixpence None the Richer

Album: Sixpence None The RicherReleased: 1997Charted:
  • This was originally recorded by the The La's, a promising band from England who developed a cult following in America. They released it as a single in 1988, but it didn't chart. In 1990, when The La's finally released their first album, they re-released "There She Goes" as a single - this time it charted at #13 in the UK and #49 in the US. Critics loved the album, but the La's disappeared soon after it was released.
  • Sixpence None The Richer's version became a hit when it was used in the movie Snow Day.
  • Many people believe the song is about shooting up heroin, with "she" being the drug. >>
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    Ric - London, England
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Comments: 28

"how can a girl go "pulsing through my veins"?"

Spoken like a person who's never been in love. I don't care if it was or wasn't written about heroin. It's a wonderful love song that describes exactly that feeling of euphoria you get when you think about the person you love, especially when the love is new.
Debbie - Canberra, Australia
Re: The reference that this was used in commercials for birth control pills Ortho Tri-cylcen LO. I always hated the commercial. It showed lovely, attractive, well-dressed young women cavorting about, shopping, having fun, being carefree. The subliminal message was that only lovely, attractive, well-dressed young women have sex. I always thought if they showed the middle-aged, overly-tired, worn-out single working mother of 3 in her natural work or home environment, the ad for birth control might be a hell of a lot more effective.Camille - Toronto, Oh
It's a beautiful song, and very likely about heroin, as there's no way it was not influenced by "There She Goes Again", a song which it closely resembles in melody, chord structure, and tempo. I'm not calling it a rip-off but rather a riff on, a continuation. Like Bowie's Bitch Queen, it's a billet doux to perhaps the most seminal band in rock history. Andy Baby would have thought it fabulous.Paul - Boston, Ma
Yeah This Song Is About The Girl Doing Heroin. :]Kath - Carlisle, Pa
the la's version is way betterAlexandria - Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
how can a girl go "pulsing through my veins"? It's about heroin. And it was NOT written by Sixpence None the Richer, it was written by a genius named Lee Mavers of the La'sCameron - Austin, Tx
Silly people, don't you know that EVERY song on songfacts was written about heroin...Michael - Kearny, Nj
Many songs relate the feelings of love and attraction to that of the consuming control of a drug. This song is not about drugs, instead it is about how powerful the feelings this person has for a certain female.
Why do we have to make everything so dirty?
Luckylove - Noneya, Ok
Whenever I hear this song, I stop whatever I'm doing - unless I'm driving - and put all of my thoughts on my wife, and how wonderful it is to have her in my love. Corny, yes, but it such an overwhelming feeling. I wish I could write songs like this one!Matt - Atlanta, Ga
This song was featured in "shes all that" as well.Leo - Musicaland, Other
On Alan Castlegar, Canada's Comment, lol yeah I actually came here wondering what that velvet underground song meant, but i guess I'll never know... :(Kendall - Thomasville, Ga
"A Christian band writing a song about heroin? Doesn't make sense"

They didn't write it, they covered it. As stated before The La's wrote this song
Jeff - Staten Island, Ny
this song is nicely featured in "parent trap". I love this song. nice road tripping song.Sum Sum - New Delhi
The La's album with this on it: AWESOME. The rest of the album makes this song sound so poppy. What a great album--you can listen to it straight through a la "The Colour and the Shape" by the foo fighters. You can't beat it when there's an album that great! Sixpence, well, their music sure is pretty, ain't it?Dave - Leesburg, Va
Surely this is a classic song when your going on holiday listening to it on the caravan assuming your going on holiday to the French ALP's seeing the mountains and listening "there she goes" all the way up the mountains...Hayden - Northampton, England
The Boo Radleys also did a version... Its better than sixpence non the richer. Its faster than Lee Maver's original (about 30 seconds shorter), has a horn part at the start and loads of handclaps in the chorus. No 60's dust sprinkled on the instruments though...Sam - Edinburgh, Scotland
The song is an Ode to heroin as the lead singer of the La's stated on several occasions. Sixpence originally was introduced to the song through the movie "So I Married An Axe Murderer". Two versions of the song can be heard on that soundtrack. The members of Sixpence loved the movie and loved the song. Sixpence started as a christian band and they were a mix of bluegrass and folk. I suggest checking out their earliest work if you don't believe me.Wil - Kc, Ks
This Song is definitely about heroin. I know this for a fact as my old school teacher was mates with the person who wrote this song. Brilliant song, sixpence none the richer....no were near as good as The La'sJenny - Liverpool, England
ACcording to this weeks NME magazine (15th of june 2005), the heroin fact is true. NME never lies. Ever. hahaPaul - Newcastle Upon Tyne, England
All the covers of this song are dire in comparison with the soaring original - available on their one and ony eponymous alnum "The La's" -the rest of the album is also unbelievably goodNick - Chippenham, England
Not to be mistaken for the Velvet Underground song 'There She Goes Again' which is oddly enough not about heroin... with Lyrics like "Pulsing through my vein... No one else can heal my pain... Racing through my brain... She calls my name, She pulls my train" it's hard to think that this song could be about anything else.Alan - Castlegar, Canada
The original song was featured in the 1993 Mike Meyer's movie, "So I Married an Axe Murderer".Jeff - San Diego, Ca
It is about heroin, just listen to the lyrics, and sixpence none the richer didnt do the song justice, listen to the Cast version.Martin - Guildford, England
I believe you're mistaken. Sixpence None The Richer is not a Christian band. They're actually a pop band. And how dare you say that this song is about heroin!Annabelle - Eugene, Or
A Christian band writing a song about heroin? Doesn't make sense, but my husband said he heard it was about heroin too. Of course, it doesn't make much sense as a birth control pill ad song either!
Darlene - Cranbury, Nj
it's supposed to be about heroin. and i've read somewhere that they had more lesbian fans because of this song.Mj - Boston, Ma
Sixpence None The Richer's version was in a commercial for some women's pill for birth control or something like that, I didn't see why they chose this song for that pill. Great song though, especially if you have a girl that you're thinking about when you listen to it. NOFX did an awesome cover of the song as well.Sarah - Middle Island, Ny
There a christian band who supposivly just broke up, how sad.Kristen - Campbellville, Canada
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