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Nasty Freestyle by T-Wayne

Album: Who Is Ricky Wayne?Released: 2015Charted:
  • Rapper T-Wayne's first major release as an independent artist is a freestyle rapped over the beat from the Bandit Gang Marco cut "Nasty."
  • The song became a major viral success after users posted a series of humorous dance snippets to accompany the song on the social media service Vine. Wayne told Billboard magazine: "We had made a dance video to it when we first did it. Right after we made that dance video, the dance video just took off and everybody started copying the dance moves we did to it. Once everybody started doing it then people started doing funny stuff."
  • T-Wayne attributes the song's success to it being catchy. "Those lyrics, you can't deny, because it really is a hard freestyle," he said. "It says some real stuff but it also says some funny stuff that people can relate to. It will make you laugh."
  • T-Wayne's real name is Tyshon Dwayne Nobles. Billboard asked him why he titled his mixtape Who Is Rickey Wayne? The rapper replied that during the early 2010s he was getting sick of people comparing him to the Lil Wayne and T-Pain project, which is also named T-Wayne. "They would get my name confused when I was just freestyling and I just felt like I just wanted to change my name because I was getting sick of it, the rapper said. "Randomly, the name Rickey just came up and it was [in] a 'Riot' freestyle that 2 Chainz had done when I was younger. The rap was like, 'Rickey Wayne.' I was like, 'that sounds kind of good,' so I ran with it."

    "It doesn't really have a particular meaning to it." T-Wayne added. "It just came, it popped up and it was organic so I just ran with it. I was like, 'God put that name there for a reason so I'm going to take it.'"
  • Most hit songs at the time were written in collaborations, but this one lists just one writer: T-Wayne. Another unusual element: the title never appears in the lyric. It's also one of the shortest hits of its time, running just 2:22.
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