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The Black Klansman by Tony Harris

Album: The Black KlansmanReleased: 1966
  • No, this is not a novelty record but the title song of a somewhat off-beat film. The Black Klansman was released in June 1966; it was directed by a man whose forte was films about astro-zombies and the like. Shortly renamed Brutes, it was inspired by the civil rights movement.

    In this film, a light-skinned black man who is living the dream in California hears that his young daughter in Alabama has been murdered in a terrorist attack. Inflamed with passion, he decides to pass for white, return to his hometown and hunt down the murderer. This song conveys that much. It appears to have been released (or simply demoed) as a one-sided single written and performed by an ASCAP member named Tony Harris. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Alexander Baron - London, England
  • Decades later, Dave Chappelle took on a similar topic (albeit with far more levity) in his bit, The Black White Supremacist.
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