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Daedalus (What We Have) by San Fermin

Album: San FerminReleased: 2013
  • This is the most personal track on San Fermin's debut self-titled album. Frontman Ellis Ludwig-Leone told American Songwriter: "It was the only song where I was dealing with imagery that was directly taken from parts of my life. It ends with this big chorus where it's trying to make some sort of sense of everything that has happened on the record. When I played it live, it definitely hit me in a way that other songs don't."
  • Daedalus is a figure in Greek mythology who crafted wings made of feathers and wax for his son, Icarus. Sadly, Icaarus flew too close to the sun, which melted his wings and led to his doom. Though Daedalus' name does not appear in the lyrics, Ludwig-Leone seems to be drawing parallels between the mythological figure letting his son fly on wings and having the strength to let go of a relationship.
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