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One Of These Days by Pink Floyd

Album: MeddleReleased: 1971
  • This was built around a bass riff Roger Waters played through an echo unit. They worked off that for the rest of the song.
  • At the time, Pink Floyd was intrigued by minimalist composers who were experimenting with electronic patterns. They used a pattern this type of pattern throughout the song.
  • Dave Gilmour called this "The most collaborative effort of anything we ever did." In later years, the band didn't collaborate on songs nearly as much.
  • The only vocal is the line, "One of these days I'm gonna cut you up into little pieces." It was spoken by drummer Nick Mason, and was digitally warped to give it an evil sound to it. Nick Mason said he liked how it sounded when it was all finished up.
  • Pink Floyd performed this on their video and album recorded live at Pompeii. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    charlie - Thomaston, DC, for above 2
  • When they started recording this album, they put down 24 pieces of music with no idea how it would develop. The working title was "Nothing, Parts 1-24."
  • The spoken threat is reportedly aimed at Sir Jimmy Young, the Radio 2 DJ. >>
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    Phil - Niagara Falls, Canada
  • Dave Gilmour in Guitar World February 1993: "'One of these Days' evolved from some of my experiments with the Binson [an Italian made delay unit], as did 'Echoes' [also from Meddle]. One day, Roger decided to take some of the techniques that I was developing and try them out himself on bass. And he came up with that basic riff that we all worked on and turned into 'One of These Days.' For the middle section, another piece of technology came into play: an H&H amp with vibrato. I set the vibrato to more or less the same tempo as the delay. But the delay was in 3/4 increments of the beat and the vibrato went with the beat. I just played the bass through it and made up that little section, which we then stuck on to a bit of tape and edited in. The tape splices were then camouflaged with cymbal crashes."
  • Guitar World asked Gilmour about playing bass on "One Of These Days." Gilmour replied: "The opening section is me and Roger. On 'One of these Days,' for some reason, we decided to do a double track of the bass. You can actually hear it if you listen in stereo. The first bass is me. A bar later, Roger joins in on the other side of the stereo picture. We didn't have a spare set of strings for the spare bass guitar, so the second bass is very dull sounding. [laughs] We sent a roadie out to buy some strings, but he wandered off to see his girlfriend instead."
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Comments: 60

Actually, probably very few people know this, but the message on this track is not really 'One of these days I'm going to cut you into little pieces' as is commonly believed. I used to have an electronic organ with a microphone for recording things and playing them backward & actually tried using it on this message. What it really says is; 'You've recently gone too far Syd, it's enough'. Anyone who knows a bit about Pink Floyd would realize what that means.Philip - Manchester, United Kingdom
This song perhaps is a follow of Careful With That Axe, Eugene. The theme seems to fit in perfectly.Drake - Huntington Beach, Ca
I've been listening to this for over 30 years and just a couple of weeks ago I realized that the thumping sound at 2:07 and 3:30 is someone pounding on the door! Shortly after the second occurrence, those magical words are spoken!Lingyi - Honolulu, Hi
AWESOME tune among many i love of this majestic band,In fact I regret seen them playing in Yankee Stadium once,where i lived closed by it.Wish you were Here always was my best,but then Wall and Darkside of the moon changed my fav's,lol,,,I will always remember One of these days by seeing the Laser Show in Hayden Planeterium in NYC.Jorge - Bronx, Ny
a classic...love the bass...!!Ken - San Mateo, Ca
How are you all missing the meaning of "One of these days, I'm going to cut you into little pieces." ?! The band is referring to the track itself. As stated by Gilmour; it (the album) was the most collaborative effort of anything they ever did. Sound engineering technology and its limitations on the bands artistic expression are what caused the frustration. One of these days (in the future) : I'm (members of band), going to (it will happen) cut you into tiny pieces (The track). This makes sense considering this track showcases new technology and a new era for PF.Michael - Buffalo, Ny
Bill of SE Florida has nailed it. WTG BillCarmelo - Ft Myers, Fl
Pink Floyd is the best band ever. period.Maggie - Philadelphia, Pa
alex- that is completely insane. i love it.Chloe - St. Louis, Mo
You have to love a song that is so menacing.
It also borrows from the Dr. Who theme in the middle section.
Also, there is yet another error.
This was NOT called "Nothing, Parts 1-24."
That was the original working title for the flip side of the album, "Echoes."
Oldpink - New Castle, In
This has got to be one of my favorite songs. Pink Floyd certainly has outdone themselves with a stellar song, from the strong bass lines to the wild slide guitar. I didn't think twice when Gilmour said it was the band's "most collaborative effort," and yet the song seems somewhat underrated. All in all, amazing song, the best I've heard in years.Harry - South Bend, In
here's my theory. a huge, psycotic killer has a terrible grudge against a rich man who lives in a huge house.
the bass riff that takes up most of the song portrays the killer's journey to the rich man's house. the section in which the bass riff changes to 3/4 time signifies that the killer has gotten into the man's house and is walking up the seemingly endless stairs. then, when the drums play the banging-like rythm, the killer is trying to break into the man's room. the man finds a way out through a ventilation shaft, and the killer manages to break a hole in the door to the man's room. the huge killer looks at the man through the hole, and knowing that he can't reach him or fit through the vent. shaft, screams,"ONE OF THESE DAY'S, I'M GOING TO CUT YOU INTO LITTLE PIECES!!!!!!!". the rest of the song shows that the killer never finds the rich man and dies of old age. this is seriously one of the most awesome and terrifying songs pink floyd ever wrote.
Alex - Dublin, Ireland
Re: 2 Damien:
I'm 12 and i love pink floyd!!!!!!!!!!
Alex - Dublin, Ireland
Alex in Fort Mill, man, those bands have got NOTHING on any kind of late 60's/early 70's psychedelic space rock. those bands are very Tool-ish, and that's not very psychedelic. don't get me wrong, i love tool, but they're METAL. Pink Floyd is ROCK. There IS a difference. If you want some seriously GOOD trippy/hippie/space music, look up Black Moth Super Rainbow.Nick - Sacramento, Ca
Just for the record, Roger Waters played bass, NOT Dave Gilmour. Wake up people.
- Ray, Flagstaff, AZ
They both played bass in this tune.Listen carefully, its an overdub cut, two different tracks.First bass Waters then Gilmour.
Santiago - Ba As, Argentina
From 3:00 until about 3:44 one can hear the Doctor Who theme song in the background. I don't know if this was intentonal or not, but it is certainly there.Ethan - Helsinki
Just for the record, Roger Waters played bass, NOT Dave Gilmour. Wake up people.Ray - Flagstaff, Az
Stu from Sydney is RIGHT. He gets my voteRay - Flagstaff, Az
Este som é duca, dá pra viagem legal.Eloys - São Paulo, Brazil
This song is the theme music for when i was tripping and i thought i was the devil.Jaime - Smalltown, Mi
im pretty certain it says "one of these days im going to cut the people who dont realized it says 'one of these days im going to cut you into little peices' with an axe into a thousand little piecesStu - Sydney, Australia
This tune was also released in an animated cartoon "French Windows" ; part of a compilation of animated shorts known as "Fantastic Animation Festival."Dean - Waltham, Ma
This song sounds AMAZING on the Pink Floyd: Live at Pompeii DVD. I am 15 and I love Pink Floyd!Damien - Edmonton, Canada
Here I was, thinkin' the lyrics said "One of these days I'm gonna dance with the wind.". Makes for a nicer trip. Alex from Kitchener I did this with my very good headphones, and it was very good, just as you said.Joseph - Victoria, Canada
The first time I heard this I thought the line was, "One of these days, I'm going to dance with the little sister". After trying to listen to the vowel sounds in the 'verb' part of the statement, I'm convinced the line is, "One of these days I'm going to dice you into little pieces". Listen and you will hear the long 'I' vowel sound in DICE which is not the same as the vowel sound in CUT.Brian - Highland, Il
One of my all-time favorites. It was my gateway-drug to Pink Floyd in 1971 and I'm a devoted fan since then.Big - Linz, United States
I really have to get this out to everyone.Rock music is not dead(especially progressive rock Danny, though obscure) if anybody misses early 70s "Space/Pyschedelic Rock" then listen to Porcupine Tree and their album In Absentia.Dont look at the album cover and say its death metal band, this is vintage sounding music. Also check out Dream Theater and their Octavarium release, the title track is reminiscent of "Echoes","Close to the Edge" and other prog epics. PT & DT are both excellent prog/alternative rock bands.Alex - Fort Mill, Sc
David Gilmour wrote the bass line to this - not Roger Waters.Gilmour - Lockport, Ny
A postscrpt to Jonas' comment- one of Floyd's roadies was sent to get new strings for Gilmour's bass guitar, but he was delayed (Nick Mason claims he was visiting his girlfriend) so they decided to record it rather than waiting.Bill - Erie, Pa
This is such an awesome pink floyd song. I dont know whats better, this or WYWHKyle - Slatington, Pa
The bass line in this song is really similar to the Depeche Mode song Clean. Obviously Depeche Mode were influenced by Floyd. AwesomeDave - Montreal, Canada
This song is my all time favourite song, the build-up it gives you, as you wait in anticipation...and then the awesome release....Love it...David - Port Hawkesbury, Canada
very creepy..amazing song they great bass riffDavid - New York, Ny
The lyrics in this song are mysterious. The first time I heard it, I swear i though he said "One of these days, I'm going to hit you with a frying pan." Then i listened to it more and I though he said "One of these days, Im going to fry you in a toaster!" I had to look up the lyrics to find out it was "One of these days, I'm going to cut you up into little pieces!" Very good song though.Mike - Duluth, Mn
Maybe this song is about what's going on inside Eugene's head. Y'know, the guy with the axe! :-)Fyodor - Denver, Co
awesome song! their best instrumental in my opinionPhil - Niagara Falls, Canada
Everyone On amazon: Click "No" on the meddle page on that review by that one kid... All he does is mispell the names like "Ere goes", "Sin Troopy", and "One of teaze daze". It's stupid.Yuya - Kyoto, Japan
the line is most certianly "one of these days i'm going to cut into little pieces" either you have a poor copy of the song or your headphones are crappy. People like you ruined Stairway to Heaven with your conspiracy theories.Pablo - North Providence, Ri
Brilliant song for spacing out! The bass line is great. It really freaks out those who don't know Pink Floyd.
Pablo - North Providence, Ri
haha I totally agree with Nessie.Yuya - Kyoto, Japan
Pink Floyd is underated as a PROG band.Danny - Boston, Ma
I just listened it to 10 times with head phones, one ear at a time, then with both.

It says "one of these days, i'm going to cut you into little peices"

Anyone who says anything else, is wrong.
Notmyrealemail - Buffalo, Ny
The very first time I heard it was when I was sleeping one night and listening to ECHOES: THE BEST OF PINK FLOYD and my heart rushed during the vocal part.Takashi - Tokyo, Japan
Dude the first time i listend to this song i was on a school bus laying down and zoning out, then that vocal kicked and i shot right up.Anthony - Beverly, Nj
Richard from Atlanta GA
The correct lyrics to this song are "One of these days I'm going to drop from the human species." We need to inform the world!
Guss - Savanah, Ga
The correct lyrics to this song are "One of these days I'm going to drop from the human species." We need to inform the world!Guss - Savanah, Ga
Personally, it's good but not the best, Wish you were here and SOYCD are still my top.Matthew - Downers Grove, Il
Is it JUST ME or is this the BEST Pink Floyd song? I totally laughed when I found out what the vocal prases were *actually* saying. And plus, I like the weird things that sound like "Dr. Who". *imitates Dr. Who theme* and also, I LOVE the guitars on this one.Takashi - Tokyo, Japan
I love the droning, pulsing beat and repetetive, bass-driven riffing of this song.Ashley - Moncton, Canada
The 'ssssstung' which comes about 10 times in the first part actually starts in one speaker (the 'ssss') and ends in the 2nd speaker (the 'tung') It's best heard on headphones...loud. It feels like something going in from one ear , zipping through your brain and slamming into the other other ear.
I think my brain's undergone physical change.....
Jayant - Delhi, India
The surreal feelings or 'zoning out' are from Floyd's roots in pyschedelic rock which meant to make you feel like you're tripped.Aaron - Muswellbrook, Australia
Those odd noises that sound kind of like sucking sounds are cymbals. If you play the song backwards, there's some cool cymbaling, but it's short.Joe - Santa Clara, Ca
Actually, it's at the 3:30 part. The drums don't kick in until halfway through the first section.Jim - Oxnard, Ca
The spoken words are different, depending on what speaker you are listening to. On one speaker: "One of these days, I'm going to cut you into little pieces." On the other speaker: "One of these days, I'm going to dance with the evil beast." (Note: The word "up" was removed due to an inaccuracy in my previous entry.)Bill - Southeastern Part Of, Fl
The spoken words are different, depending on what speaker you are listening to. On one speaker: "One of these days, I'm going to cut you up into little pieces." On the other speaker: "One of these days, I'm going to dance with the evil beast."Bill - Southeastern Part Of, Fl
The best two-chord song ever.Nessie - Sapporo, Japan
The "One of These Days" part occurs about 1:30 into the song, and he says it a few times. It's real hard to miss, since this is generally a good song to zone out to, and the line is all crazy and warped.
Great song, one of the very first Pink Floyd songs I heard that I knew was a Pink Floyd song. (I had no idea who did Another Brick in the Wall for years!)
Julia - Newark, De
There are two bass tracks in this song. Waters starts out the song on a fresh pair of strings, and Gilmour joins in on the other channel on *well* used strings. It's all blatty and muddy, but it works. Good tune to kick of a great album.Jonas - Utrecht, Netherlands
The song contains snippets of "Dr. Who" during the midsection.Kent Lyle - Palo Alto, Ca
to get a true feel for this song, put on some headphones, turn it up real loud, close your eyes and just listen... nothing will ever be the same againAlex - Kitchener, Canada
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