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Good Ol' Boys Club by Kacey Musgraves

Album: Pageant MaterialReleased: 2015
  • Kacey Musgraves sings here about her distaste for stroking egos. The Fader asked the singer about the line, "Another gear in a big machine don't sound like fun to me," which could easily be taken as a comment on Taylor Swift's rise on Nashville's Big Machine label. Musgraves replied: "I'm talking about a lot of different people. Any industry has its shoo-ins and people that get in because they know somebody, or their dad worked here, whatever. But, yeah, there is a wink."
  • Despite its title, the song isn't about the gender issue in the country genre. "It's about not wanting to be part of anybody's club, anybody's big machine," Musgraves explained to Radio.com. "Just wanting to go your own way and make a name for yourself. Being a self-made man or woman in whatever world or industry you live or work in. To me, it's a universal message in that way."
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