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Face the Sun by Miguel

Album: WildheartReleased: 2015
  • Miguel's romantic lyrics on this droning guitar-driven track appear to be directed to his longtime girlfriend, the model Nazanin Mandi. However, it appears they could also be addressing the need to transcend the pressure from society in order to reach greatness. Speaking during the Red Bull Studios Los Angeles album preview concert for Wildheart, Miguel said before launching into this song: "We just kind of forget [about our dreams] because of all the pressure - mostly from society - to conform to their idea of what's good for us. But we all really know what's good for us... we all wanna face the sun."
  • The song features guitar work by Miguel's fellow Los Angeles native, Lenny Kravitz. Miguel told Entertainment Weekly: "We recorded separately. But after listening to it [initially], I was like, 'I still want a solo!' Lenny's tastes resonate with mine. On top of that, he's a badass musician. And he has just stood out, done his own thing. That's what I'm about."
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