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Joshua Kadison

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This was the first hit for Joshua Kadison, who made a mark on Adult Contemporary radio with this song and its follow-up "Beautiful In My Eyes." Kadison dated the actress Sarah Jessica Parker, of Sex And The City fame, and broke up with her before recording this song, leading to speculation that she is "Jessie." Kadison avoids the topic, but Parker has never been known to be called "Jessie" or own a cat named Moses. In 1997, she married actor Matthew Broderick.
Rod Argent and Peter Van Hooke worked with Kadison on this track, which took three recording sessions to get right. The first attempt was with a live band in a big London studio, but it lacked the intimacy they were looking for. They tried again in Argent's studio, but again didn't get what they hoped for. Finally, Kadison sat down at an out-of-tune piano at Argent's home studio and recorded the vocals and piano take they decided to build the track around.
Jessie shows up again in the last song on the album, "Georgia Rain," which is a sequel to this song.
Joshua Kadison
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Comments (4):

You are misinformed with rumor. Kadison did not write the song...he bought it from the original writer. The Sarah Jessica Parker thing is a myth as well. It was the original writer's girlfriend, named Jesse as well.
- thom, 37188, TN
Gosh Paul,I am so sad to hear that! I have always loved this song and never knew it was written for Sarah, or that they were in fact ever together. I am a HUGE fan of Joshua, and was interested to see that he is a fellow Aquarian and of Native American decent. I really hope things have improved for you and that maybe now you have found someone who will stay, or has stayed? Would love to hear from you, not sure how long ago you posted your comment tho :)
- Leigh, Cape Town, South Africa
i think we all have been hit by this train at one time in our lives. so this song does hit home for me. steve
- steve, long islan d n.y., NY
The lyrics to this song are absolutely beautiful. After loving this song for so many years I understand the true meaning of this and I know what it's like to have someone who keeps coming in and out of my life breaking my heart and when I'm back on my feet again I give them another chance only to find myself back in the same square again.
- Paul, London, England
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