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Dreadlock Holiday by 10cc

Album: Bloody TouristsReleased: 1978Charted:
  • The song is about a white man who gets lost in Jamaica and gets ripped off every step he makes (by a whore, by a gang who steal his medal, etc.). They were inspired by real events that happened to 10cc's Eric Stewart and Justin Hayward of The Moody Blues when they went on holiday together in Barbados. Stewart recalled in the book 1000 UK #1 Hits by Jon Kutner & Spencer Leigh, "Justin and I were on a para-sailing raft in the middle of the ocean and I was strapped into this parachute gear. I was towed behind a speedboat at high speed. I took off and waved goodbye to Justin. He was then left on the raft with three black guys, one Jamaican and two from Barbados. The Jamaican guy said to Justin, 'I like your silver chain, man, I'll give you a dollar for it.' Justin replied, 'come on, it's worth a lot more than that and it's a present from my mother.' And this guy said, 'If this was Jamaica, I would cut your hand off for that.' I came back and asked Justin if he wanted to have a go. He said, 'No, let's get off this raft as quick as we can, I have had some problems.' When we got back to England, I relayed the story to Graham (Gouldman) and we wrote a song around it." >>
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    Thibaut - Brussels, Belgium
  • The lyrics came from several other sources. The expression, "Don't you walk through my words" came from a report about a radio DJ in Newcastle who was challenged when he walked through a group of black guys talking together. The line, "I don't like cricket, I love it" came from a conversation Gouldman had with a completely different Jamaican guy in a hotel in Jamaica. They ended up talking about sport and when Gouldman asked his new West Indian friend if he liked cricket he replied "I don't like cricket," before pausing. He then said. "I don't like cricket, I love it."
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Comments: 12

This song and "Life is a minestrone" were the ones that really got me into 10cc.Runner-up would be their mini-epic "The benefit".Great stuff.Michael - Santa Cruz, Ca
Luke from Manchester...10 cc were a great band, but this is no place to trade insults, by reading your comments I ask who is the deluded one. Just because you know this song intimately and the band your comments remind me of the stereotypical bigot.Mark - Adelaide, Australia
This is surely their best song and still heard and loved today as it was way back in 1978.

ken. Gibraltar.
Ken - Gibraltar, Gibraltar
I remember that this song was No. 1 for quite a few weeks in late 78. Sadly 10cc were coming to an end. Two years earlier Kevin Godley and Lol Creme had left 10CC and they were never quite the same, even though they had a couple of more hits afterwards.Glenn - Auckland, New Zealand
Wow, Luke! How do you really feel?Rob - Detroit, Mi
You stupid stupid American. You didn't listen to the song, you took what little you remembered and thought that was the actual structure... Poor deluded dickhead... This is an amazing song, 10cc are an amazing band, get educated.Luke - Manchester, England
The movie 'Snatch' really brought this song to me,great song,great lyrics.Nakib - Dhaka, Other
have this song on the snatch soundtrack. coolest song on the album. i don't like reggae. i love it...Jim - Stonerville, Ca
This is a very cool 10CC song and if you get the chance to see the video they made it lends delightful humour to the rocking reggae tune. While they play the story for all its amusing content I'm sure the actual events for whoever suffered them must have been a hell of a lot more frightening.Guy - Wellington, New Zealand
A very depressing song, it shows the worst sid eof Jamaica, in the lyrics of the song.Derek - Cambridge, New Zealand
It's featured on the brilliant film "Snatch". And as any song of this OST, it fits like a glove to the film.Jay - Geneva, Cheezland
My favorite song by 10cc is "I'm Not in Love" ...
I don't think I've heard this one.
Rich - Elkins, Wv
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