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Ram On


Paul McCartney

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This is a sort of "jingle" tune written by McCartney on his ukulele. In the late '60s and early '70s, Paul used to carry along this instrument everywhere when he was wandering around New York City.
The song is about being straightforward, courageous and strong.
The words "Ram" and "On" form the name "Ramon," which was one of Paul's pseudonyms when he was in The Beatles.
The ram is also the name of the animal chosen as the title track of the album, which meant for Paul to ram against the things that were making him depressed at the times of the Beatles breakup. Plus, it refers to the sheep and rams he had at his Scottish farm in the Mull of Kintyre. (thanks, Claudio - São Paulo, Brazil, for all above)
James Righton of The Klaxons selected this as the first track to be played at the wedding reception when he married actress Keira Knightly.
Paul McCartney
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Comments (14):

I've loved the album "Ram" since day one - the whole album is great. My 6-year-old daughter recently discovered Sir Paul and is a fan now, too.
- Karen, Manchester, NH
A great little tune----i think it conveys that, shall i say, melancholy time right after the Beatles split-up. the lyric is simple yet thought-provoking.
- Harold, San Bernadino, CA
Paul Mac does not suck. He happens to be one of the most innovative bass players of all time. He also played drums on 'Birthday", "The Ballad of John and Yoko", and other Beatle tunes. He can do it all. "Ram On" isn't a monster hit but as Adelaide said, it's simple and beautiful.
- Dante, Hudson Falls, NY
This song is beautiful and I love it. Another one of those "hidden treasure" songs.
- Christy, Palm Springs, CA
This song is beautiful, its so simple and pretty and it gives me tingleys when I hear it. beautiful man *sigh*
- nady, adelaide, Australia
How could you say this song is about nothing? He's saying "Ram On (Ramon), give your heart to somebody", saying that he should move on with his life and with Linda, his newly-found love. I thought he said it in a very clever way. This is a very beautiful song, and it sucks that people always seem to want more from him, rather than judging him on what he actually is.
- Ian, Lethbridge, Canada
this song is good. i don't know why people don't like it.
- Alisa, Franklin, WI
Anthony sucks and so does his commentary.
- rob, vancouver, Canada
Paul sucks and so does this song. He writes about nothing as John Lennon writes lyrics that actually means something. John later made fun of this song and album in the revengeful song "How Do You Sleep?".
- Anthony, Lodi, NJ
Features some tasty electric piano.
- Barry, New York, NY
Love Paul but that one is just plain bad.
- greg, Victoria, Canada
I love Paul and beautiful Linda!
- Dennis, Chicagoland burrows, IL
Paul and Linda sang the tune while shooting Hope of Deliverance video in 1993 in England. Paul strummed the banjo instead of the ukelele this time.
Claudio Dirani
- Claudio, São Paulo, Brazil
Just would like to add that Dixon Van Winkle was the engineer who taped the song at the Studio 2 at Columbia Studios, New York.
He miked Paul's voice, ukelele and feet. The percussion beat youi listen on the track are Paul's feet work.
Claudio Dirani (the one who contributed above) :-)
- Claudio, São Paulo, Brazil
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