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Waitin For You by Demi Lovato

Album: ConfidentReleased: 2015
  • This R&B inspired feud tune is aimed at people who think Lovato may be an easy target. The singer told the British newspaper The Sun that it demonstrates that she's no soft touch. "This song shows a side of me I've never shown before, and that's, 'Don't mess with me,'" she said.

    "Let's just say not a lot of people try to pull that s--t with me," Lovato added. "But it's gonna happen. When you get two singers who both have 30 million fans it's inevitable. It's like high school. But I respect bad b---hes like Rihanna and Nicki Minaj."
  • While Lovato wouldn't confirm who she's targeting, she's happy for people to speculate. "I prefer to put my feelings into the song and let that say everything," she explained. "I have been impulsive on Twitter before. We're human. But if you want to write that this song's about another pop star then go ahead."
  • The song features the rapper Sirah, who is well known for her collaborations with Skrillex, including the hit single "Bangarang."
  • Demi Lovato described this to Complex as "a pretty ballsy song." She added: "That's the song where I show you that a lot of people have their cute little feuds in public, but I don't really have those because if you want to have a feud, you can just come to me in person and we'll settle it."
  • The raw black and white video finds a tough-looking Lovato performing the song in a school yard wearing a black bomber jacket with her album title 'Confident' emblazoned on the back. As Lovato walks away from the school at the end, the clip's location is revealed to be her alma mater, Cross Timbers Middle School in Grapevine, Texas.

    Lovato was bullied so much in 7th grade at Cross Timbers Middle School that she quit the learning establishment and switched to home schooling. The singer developed a number of emotional issues, because of the mean girls there, which she eventually overcame at a treatment facility in Illinois. The visual celebrates how far she has come from those difficult times.
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