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Call Me The Breeze


Lynyrd Skynyrd

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This was written and originally recorded by Oklahoma Blues guitarist J.J. Cale. Skynyrd decided to cover it when guitarist Gary Rossington came up with a riff that distinguished it from the original.
Cale is famous among musicians, but most people have never heard of him. Eric Clapton covered some of his songs, including "Cocaine," "After Midnight," and "Travellin' Light."
This was one of the few cover songs Skynyrd recorded. They recorded another Cale song, "Same Old Blues," on their 1976 album Gimme Back My Bullets.
During the sessions for this track, John Lennon came by the studio to say hello.
Lynyrd Skynyrd
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Comments (9):

Cale is a blues legend in his own right and most blues fans are aware of his extensive catalog. That said the cover version by Skynyrd has the abosolute catchiest horn riff in the the break that I think it's one the best any band has laid down in a recording. My friend believes it's actually the Muscle Shoals Swampers sitting in on this session. Can someone confirm?
- Gary, Budd Lake, NJ
A good 'ole toe-tapper. Great song!
- Daevid, Glendale, CA
J.J. cales version can be seen on the crossroads guitar festival dvd. It is definately different from the skynard version, but I like it all the same.
- Allan, Maple Valley, WA
Cale's version is much softer than this version.
- Peter Griffin, Quahog, RI
This song was in the movie "Wild Hogs". Great movie and great song.
- Max, Laconia, NH
It's a great cover. Usually covers just annoy me.
- Evan, Winchester, England
I love the guitar and piano solos. I'd like to hear Kayle's version.
- Stefanie, Rock Hill, SC
The guitar and piano solos in this song are absolutely kick-ass!
- Chet Walters, ink specialist, Bethlehem, PA
Cale doesn't get enough credit for any of his work.
- Mike, Richmond, VA
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