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Rhapsody In The Rain


Lou Christie

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The Catholic Church helped get this banned on many radio stations, which only made people want to hear it more (You'd think they'd have learned after banning Gary U.S. Bonds' "Quarter To Three"). It's mild by today's standards, but a hot topic back when you didn't sing about "Makin' love in the storm" with a teenage girl. (thanks, Uncle - Philly, PA)
Christie (in Goldmine magazine): "I had priests and nuns calling to complain. Even Time magazine did an article on it, saying I was corrupting the youth."
The music was based on Tchaikovsky's "Romeo And Juliet."
According to Christie, the original lyrics were changed from: "We were makin' out in the rain" to "We fell in love in the rain" and "In this car, we went too far" to "Our love came like a falling star."
Lou Christie
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Comments (6):

There were two different pressings of the 45. Although the same catalogue numbers were used:M.G.M. Records #13473,the one with the lyrics "We were makin' out in the rain" has the matrix number 66XY 308 in the vinyl trail-off while the one with the lyrics "We fell in love in the rain" has the matrix number 66XY 308-1 in the vinyl trail-off. A copy of the 45 with the lyrics "We were makin' out in the rain" with the corresponding matrix number is worth between 30 and 75 dollars according to the condition of the 45. Lou had a record out in 1960 on Starr Records #508 entitled "Close Your Eyes" which was shown as by The Classics.It was reissued in 1963 on Alcar #207 as by Lou Christie & the Classics. Lou's sister, Susan Christie, also sang back-up on many of his recordings.
The Chatolic Chruch almost all molest young boys,though>:) Always enjoyed Lou Christie, esp.from "Lightning Strikes" on. Not just in the storyline but the rainy weather "LS" & "Rhapsody" are quite similiar but nothing built the way that the first song did.["Lightning"].
- Steve, Whittier, CA
Lou, my mom and I both loved "Lightening Strikes" way back in the day. I look forward to researching your other songs. You're amazing!
John Martin, 46
- john, Fort Worth, TX
Another interesting note about this song is that The Tammys, who did the background vocals on this and most Lou Christie songs, had a sexually suggestive song of their own in 1964, two years prior to this song, called Egyptian Shumba, which had lines like "Lets lie on the Nile, and dance Egyptian-style.
- steve, Norwood, MN
In his book "The Beatles: A Study in Drugs, Sex and Revolution", published by the Christian Anti-Communism Crusade in 1969, right-wing rock critic David Noebel fired off one of his longest tirades on the evil depravities of this and of all radio stations which played it. He cited interviews with DJs who stated they not only knew what the song was about, they were aware that "the kids" knew as well. OMG!

Noebel's books are a must read for anyone wanting to amass a list of the best sexual, psychedelic and political songs of the era. (Parts of this comment crossposted to
- Ekristheh, Halath, United States
Rhapsody in the Rain: 1966
Lightning Strikes: 1965
Two Faces Have I: 1963
The Gypsy Cried: 1963
All of the above were top twenty.

Lou Christie Born as:
Lugee Alfredo Giovanni Sacco
Born in 1941 64YOA
Take Care Stay Safe
- Gary, Dublin, GA
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