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Daddy's Advice by Asleep at the Wheel

Album: Comin' Right At YaReleased: 1973
  • This song from the Texas group Asleep at the Wheel's debut album was written and sung by their drummer, Leroy Preston, who was their primary songwriter at the time. The song is about a guy whose girlfriend has a big problem with her dad: seems her daddy doesn't like the guy, and they've been fighting over the issue. He finds her in his car sobbing, dress torn, and she spends the night with him but says she's going back home in the morning. The guy offers a solution: he can shoot her dad in the heart so they don't have to worry about him any more.

    Whether or not she takes him up on this offer is unclear, as the song ends before we hear her reaction.
  • Asleep at the Wheel is known for their Bob Wills inspired Western swing sound, and this song is a great example. "It was what we called a shuffle beat," group leader Ray Benson said in his Songfacts interview. "It was kind of combining Western swing with R&B jump blues, which is what rock n' roll was."
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