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All The Girls Love Alice by Elton John

Album: Goodbye Yellow Brick RoadReleased: 1973
  • This is a look into the gay lifestyle of England through the eyes and lyrics of Bernie Taupin, Elton's songwriting partner. He made up the tragic story of a young lesbian who died in the streets.
  • This song marked the first time Elton sang about a gay character, although it had nothing to do with him personally. The first time he sung from the perspective of a gay man was in 1981 on his track "Elton's Song," which had lyrics by Tom Robinson - a gay man.
  • Elton didn't try to obscure the subject matter of this song, saying it was "about a young girl who gets seduced by the naughty ladies."
  • Many Album Oriented Rock (AOR) stations added this track to their playlists, as it fit the format's criteria of less-popular songs by famous artists. One theory posited by some radio folks who had plenty of time to ponder this song over smoke breaks was that it had something to do with Alice Cooper - that perhaps it was based on the shock rocker's female fans. Cooper was an acquaintance of Elton, and Bernie Taupin would later write lyrics for Alice's 1978 album From the Inside. We haven't found any hard evidence that Cooper was an inspiration for this song, however.
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Comments: 11

Song was inspired by Alice Cooper and his performances. As mentioned by Sir Elton John in "Super Duper Alice Cooper," an Alice Cooper documentary.Cee - Detroit
You gotta remember that in the early 70's this song was quite graphic compared to others in this era. Elton is a genius and so is Bernie none the less and are you listening to the music, THE MUSIC IS KICK ASS AWESOME for that time. - chezchez, Bronx, NYChezchez - New York, Ny
Didn't Bernie Taupin write almost all of the lyrics to Elton's songs the first 3 or 4 albums including all the lyrics on Goodbye Yellow Brick Road?Tom - Dallas, Tx
Lots of arists singing, "Alice? Who the f--k is Alice?" (Smokie, Gompie, Dr. Hook, Eagles)Cyberpope - Richmond, Canada
Reply to Kevin: I don't this "Texan Love Song" is too bad.Pianowizzy - Denver, Co
The music is pretty driving, but this is a really unappealing song due to the lyrics and subject matter. I guess it's supposed to be shocking, but I think it's just awful. Taupin occasionally writes some really horrific lyrics, this being one. "Texan Love Song" from "Don't Shoot Me" comes quickly to mind as well.Kevin - Reading , Pa
You mean this song isn't about a dancer from LA that Elton met who later had his child and disappeared into oblivion? *smirk*Coffeegod - Brandon, Ms
Basically I heard the same thing years ago Stephanie Magura and that is that it was a tragic story of a lesbian. In the early 70's that life style was coming our of the closet then in the late 70's Queen blew the door frame off the wall........Bill - Houston, Tx
Hey Leya, they ARE two dykes in the illustration for the song. Drag queens are cross dressing men.Michael - Wallington, Nj
If you can get hold of the Goodbye Yellow Brick Road double record album cover, it opens up and inside there are illustrations that correspond with the respective lyrics of each tune. Alongside the lyrics of ATGLA there's a drawing of a pretty young girl, Alice, with two dyke-looking drag queens on each side of her. Guessing these two are but a few of the many lezzies who crave the attention of our girl as this song avows.Leya Qwest - Anchorage, Ak
I always thought the song was the tragic story of a lesbian. I just wasn't sure though. i had never heard songs like that before.Stefanie Magura - Rock Hill, Sc
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