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Do Unto Others by Elastic Band

Album: Expansions Of LifeReleased: 1968
  • "Do Unto Others" was released on the Decca label in 1968 as a single by the Elastic Band backed by "Eight And A Half Hours Of Paradise." Written by Granada TV musical director Derek Hilton, it was produced by Noel Walker. It also appeared on the band's 1969 album Expansions Of Life. Somewhat unusually it was played in full in an episode of the Granada series Mr. Rose.

    The episode, "The Unlucky Dip," was aired June 21, 1968, and it had an unusual theme. Mr. Rose was targeted by a pickpocket who instead of stealing his wallet, put some money in it. The bottom line is that it was a scam to generate publicity and donations; the organizers would then take the money and run. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Alexander Baron - London, England
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