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Na Na Na by Pentatonix

Album: PentatonixReleased: 2015
  • The upbeat opener from PTX's self-titled album features lead vocals from the group's tenor, Mitch Grassi, and has him asking, "So why sleep when my dreams looking like reality?" Bandmate Avi Kaplan (vocal bass) walked into the studio singing the 1986 Bangles hit "Walk Like An Egyptian" and inspired a jam session that resulted in the song.

    Kaplan said in the album's track-by-track commentary: "I just wanted [the album] to have some just super crazy, out-there, fun song that really featured the trio but also was a little bit like a throwback for us, you know, just kind of doing all these little moments. And it's just fun."
  • "It's like playground chanty," Grassi said of the song. "Don't take us too seriously."
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