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Paradise by Jeremih

Album: Late NightsReleased: 2015
  • This hood ballad finds Jeremih reflecting on his good life. He co-penned the song with fellow Chicago-based singer-songwriter Keith James. The longterm pals previously collaborated on Jeremih's 2009 breakout hit "Birthday Sex."

    The track was produced by frequent Jeremih beat maker Mick Schultz. (They first met when Jeremih was a teenage student at Columbia College of Chicago).

    "'Paradise' is a standout record because of the direction Mick [Schultz] chose to go musically," James told Billboard magazine. "Goin' into that joint, [Mick] said, 'Let's make something that The Beatles would write for J or something like that' and so Wahla!"
  • Mick Schultz recalled coming up with the song with Jeremih and songwriter Keith James in a Malibu rental house.

    "I started the record with Keith originally, just one night playing the guitar," he told Genius. "I remember saying we should do something in The Beatles kind of realm, but flip it and make it feel really contemporary modern. Keith came up with the crazy concept of 'paradise.' We wrote the song in one night. I ended up [recording] it on the piano but it's only one instrument, all vocals - probably 100 vocal tracks."
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