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M.P.A. by Pusha T

Album: King Push – Darkest Before Dawn: The PreludeReleased: 2015
  • The song title stands for Money. Pu--y. Alcohol. "M.P.A. is a song that sort of describes my perspective on life and the three vices that I feel like sway people in the world today and sway people in the life, especially in the street life," Pusha T explained to MTV News.
  • A$AP Rocky assists on the track. Pusha T recruited the Harlem rhymer because of his melodic skills. "Rocky brings the melody," he explained. "I knew it would just be perfect for him. His perspective is a young perspective. It's melodic. It's of the time. It's right now. I needed it and he came through for me."

    "Sometimes, song wise, it's super rap and there are more components to a song than just rhymes," Push added. "I feel like I got the rhymes part handled, but I needed Rocky to come through for me on the melodic bridges and so on and so forth."
  • While inspired by Pusha T's lyrics, the Shomi Patwary-directed video is also meant to be a joyous occasion. "It's a celebration of the fact that Pusha's been in this business for so long," the director explained. "This video breaks the fourth wall so it's a music video that's showing you the filming of a music video and Pusha makes it effortless. He's talking from experience about girls he's seen in the industry evolve, about him as an artist evolving. It's just a general commentary on the things he's seen."
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