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Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) by C+C Music Factory

Album: Gonna Make You SweatReleased: 1991Charted:
  • Martha Wash sang on this, providing the powerful line, "Everybody Dance Now!" She was a member of The Weather Girls ("It's Raining Men") and provided vocals for the group Black Box. She was overweight and not very photogenic, so she was replaced in the video by a slender singer/model named Zelma Davis, who lip-synched her lines. Wash's name didn't make the initial album credits either. After some legal wrangling, she was given proper credit for her contribution. In the credits in the video for the song, this line was included: "Additional vocals by Martha Wash, visualized by Zelma Davis."

    This wasn't the first time Martha was whitewashed - she sang on three #1 Dance hits for the act Black Box, and was replaced in those videos by a model. Wash sued both the Black Box and C+C producers, reaching a settlement that included a record deal as a solo artist.
  • C+C Music Factory were the US production and remix duo David Cole and Robert Clivilles. This was their first single under the C+C name, but they already had made hits with the Cover Girls and Seduction. David Cole died of meningitis in 1995.
  • According to Robert Clivilles, Martha Wash was asked to join the group but refused because she wanted to focus on being an R&B singer. He says she was replaced by Zelma Davis in the video because Davis was the main female voice in the group (if not this song), appearing on eight songs on the album.
  • The second choice for the "Everybody Dance Now" hook line was Jocelyn Brown, who can be heard singing "I've got the power" on the "The Power," a 1990 hit for Snap!
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Comments: 8

I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned this. The song was featured in the film "Jarhead". Sorry but I don't recall what scene it was playing in but I do remember hearing the vocals in the background. If you have not seen Jarhead I would recomend it. Not the best war film out there but not the worst either. Gather some slabs of beer, get your mates, and have a grand old time.Gunnery Sgt. Gibbs - Fort Palmer, Australia
I always heard this song was sang by Micheal Jackson. I wouldn't be suprised, though. Their voices are very similar.Emily - Around Chicago, Il
ok, you'll probably hate me for this, but i can't stand the "everybody dance now" line. otherwise, i love the song. (it's not my fault its just because of these damn migranes i get easily, which is my bodies response to certain sound.)really, if the line wasnt in that pitch, i'd love this song. the beat is great, the lyrics awesome. its just that 1 damn line!!!

and wow cant believe Wash wasn't credited!unbeleiveable!
Lilly - East Meadow, Ny
In the credits in the video for the song, this line was included:

"Additional vocals by Martha Wash, visualized by Zelma Davis"

Also it should be noted that Zelma Davis, the woman who lip-synced Martha Wash's lines in Gonna Make You Sweat can sing (not as good as Martha Wash, though). On the same album Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) was on, she sang on "Live Happy", "Just a Touch of Love (Everyday)", and "Let's Get Funkee".
Joshua - Havelock, Nc
At the time of release, a parody was released in The Netherlands. It was called "Everybody f*** now" and released by the "Sissy P*nis Factory".Matt - Pinetown, South Africa
Dedicated to the Steelworkers of America.
Keep reaching for the rainbow! ;)
Steffen - Berlin, Germany
This song kicks butt! My mother and sister and i made up a hilarious dance to it. Even 15 years after it was released it's still an awesome song to jam to when driving around town.Randi - Hale, Mo
I would not say she is "not very photogenic", but perhaps C & C thhought so since they got a skinny girl to do the video.Rick - Duncan, Ok
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