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Louisiana Story by Lucinda Williams

Album: The Ghosts of Highway 20Released: 2016
  • This song finds Williams recalling her youth, and the brutality of her grandfather to her mother. The singer explained to The Sun why she wanted to bring the domestic violence she witnessed into the open. "I think it's about not censoring the truth of the story," Williams said. "That is a song that I worked on a long time and I wanted it to be true above all else. It's a fairly deep and personal song, so that was important to me."
  • Williams (from Uncut magazine): "When I finished that song. I said to Tom (Overby, Williams' husband): 'This one is so dark that I don't know if we should put it out.' But I'm an artist first and foremost. I'm not an entertainer. I've always loved Leonard Cohen; he was a poet first, then a songwriter. He didn't censor himself. Thinking about it, I'm probably more like a female version of him."
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