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True Faith by New Order

Album: SubstanceReleased: 1987Charted:
  • This track is about heroin addiction - the opening lyrics refer both to the hold that heroin gets on your body and the experience of a heroin trip. Like many New Order tracks, this song refers to the fight to get off drugs.
  • The video, which is still frequently shown in the UK today, further extends the analogies with the fight to get off drugs, depicting a "good vs. evil" type fight in a surreal manner, starting with two people smacking each others' faces in time with the drum beat.
  • The lyrics were changed at the last minute to sanitize the lines "When I was a very small boy, very small boys talked to me, now that we've grown up together, they're all taking drugs with me" to "they're afraid of what they see," due to pressure from the producer. The original lyrics are often used live. (thanks, Kian - Dublin, Ireland, for all above)
  • This song is playing in the club where Patrick Bateman, the main character of the 2000 movie American Psycho, played by Christian Bale, is partying with his friends at the beginning of the movie. (thanks, Rose Marie - Valencia, Spain)
  • The song returned to the UK singles chart in 2011 in the form of a cover by George Michael that was recorded for the Comic Relief charity.
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Comments: 16

Of course this songs about heroin addiction! "again and again I've taken too much of the things that cost u too much" is about constantly trying to just take a little bit after getting clean but again and again taking too much and ending up addicted again and broke. "I used to think that the day would never come" is talking about the day that he's finally totally clean and doesn't crave heroin soo much he needs it to feel normal. It truely feels that way when heroin has controlled your life since adolescence "a childhood I lost replaced by fear". You forget what life without heroin feels like and how to live it, yet u desperately want to go back. U end up feeling like its just been too long and u never will"the chances are we've gone too far, u took my time and u took my money. Now i feel you've left me standing in a world that's so demanding". The point though is that he "used" to feel that the day would never come because if u do keep trying and u keep fighting it u will win and finally be free of the hold it had on your life. Its impossible to truely understand unless you've been addicted to heroin and other hard opioids before. People always paint heroin as this big scary super evil worst drug out there when it's just the same as almost any other opioid people certainly dont do it because it the closest u can feel to death, usually people do it because of the intense rush and zero comedown kind of side effects unlike coke and also usually because it helps u with anxiety issues and anti depresses u. The problem is u can never know how powerful the addiction and withdrawals are until it's too late. This song really speaks to meColton - Concord, Ca
One of the best dance tracks by NO!!! Just a Classic!!!!Rick - Mason City, Ia
I wouldn't speculate too much on New Order's lyrics. But I'll offer up a fact about the video.
It was directed and choreographed by the French Performance Artist, Philippe Decoufle' who also choreographed The Fine Young Cannibals video 'She Drives Me Crazy'.
Michael Martarano - New Haven, Ct
@ scott from Baton Rouge:

VERY true! lol.
Jessica - Tulsa, Ok
I'm part of todays generation, i listen to real music, new order is one of my favorite bands.
we don't all listen to mainstream crap on the radio!
Amy - Melbourne, Australia
Another great New Order song. To today's generation: This is what is called "music" kids,lol.Scott - Baton Rouge, La
Obviously 'morning sun' has to do with coming out from a (drug fueled) rave party at morningDaniel - Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
I actually thought this song was about a gay person coming out of the closet when I first heard it..........and I still think that by the way. It's more original then the whole drug cliche and makes a more daring statement.Joe - Harrisonburg, Va
I always thought this song was about using Ecstasy. The band has referenced this song being a "drug song" in the past. The line about being near to the childhood I lost replaced by fear always seemed to be about using drugs to escape - to get back to our lost childhood and away from the scary adult world. The lyrics themselves seem to describe Ecstasy use... the sense of well being... loss of defensiveness. I don't see how this song can be about anything else.Chris - Milwaukee, Wi
This song is about being afraid of sleeping at night, and that the morning sun is his "drug"... its about being sexually abused. For all the people who spend their lives up at night while others are asleep because they've never recovered from the fear of the darkness and what their dreams and fears bring them. It has nothing to do with heroin, it specifically mentions the "morning sun" as being the drug". He feels "extraordinary" and feels "liberty" when he reaches the morning sun. He "lost" his childhood, and it was "replaced by fear".

If its about drugs, the drugs mask the true pain he's fighting... abuse. Most drug abusers were abused in some way, verbally, physically, sexually. It's called "self medication". This song sings about his secret pain and the method in which he tries to find redemption.
Bloodaxe - Lincoln, Ne
Steve, the band said it was a song about drugs in an interview at one point. If you follow the band's history at all, you'd completely get WHY it is a song about addiction. Pretty funny how it has become synonmous with summer and good times here in the States, though.Melly - Houston, Tx
besides heroin doesnt make you feel more alive, the reason lyricists use it at all is because its the closest one can get to DEATH.Steve - Inane-isville, Pa
yeah i sincerely hope everyone disregards that first song"Fact". not all songs are about drugs.
seriously Curtis you sound like you know this page is full of crap. think "The Den" from socrates
Steve - Inane-isville, Pa
-:(Why are all the songs I think relate to my life drug songs? I've never done drugs...maybe I should...Curtis - Cornwall On Hudson , Ny
NEW ORDER just rules when it comes to electronic style music. They created it with Joy Division & perfected it with New Order. "Substance" is a must have for anyone who knows anything about good music.Dee - Indianapolis, In
This song is also the main track behind the nightclub scene in "Bright lights, big city" featuring Michael J. Fox (one of his few serious films). A great Prince track, "Goodlove," is in there, as well.Rock - Mke, Wi