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Work This Body by Walk the Moon

Album: Talking Is HardReleased: 2014
  • This song finds Nick Petricca singing of working hard at his passions even when he's feeling lost. He told Entertainment Weekly: "'Work This Body' is a song about getting my ass in shape and standing up to my fears."
  • Part of the song is sung in French. It translates as:

    What would you do?
    Damn, I do not know!
    Do not come crying to me
  • The song's music video was directed by the band with Isaac Rentz. It follows a young boy dressed up like Nick Petricca who wins a school talent show by starting a massive food fight in the cafeteria. "The video portrays a school kid much braver than I was who starts a revolution with a lunchbox." explained Petrricca. "It's a little nudge to the skeptic that there really are superheroes among us."
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