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Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)



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This is a song about a child suffering painful spinal meningitis, a disease that is hard to detect and can kill a person if left unchecked. The lyrics "Smile On, Mighty Jesus" and "Am I Gonna See God, Mommy?" imply that Ween might be angry at religion.
This song features a triangle as its main instrument. If you listen during the guitar solo, you can hear the haunting screams of the child. Voice synthesizers are used for both the child's voice and the deep mimicking voice. (thanks, Andrew - Abyss, PA, for above 2)
The line "Smile on, Mighty Jesus" is a play on words - it sounds very much like "Spinal Meningitis." Many rural folk refer to the deadly infection as "The Smilin' Mighty Jesus" or a similar name. (thanks, Timothy - Columbus, OH)
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Comments (9):

Ween was a pathetic, talentless band, and the world is better for their demise. Period.
- Willie, Scottsdale, AZ
So true, Dedgrotty!! Haha, "Me and Little Andy." If this is the only song that people know from Ween, they need to explore Ween's discography. More disturbimg thimgs to discover! I love Dean and Gene.
- Erin, Clarksville, PA
Certainly no more disturbing than Dolly Parton's "Me And Little Andy". At least with the Brothers Ween you see a song like this coming ;)
- dedgrotty, NYC, NY
I really like this song. The first time i heard it, I was shocked but it was such a catchy song that i couldn't get it out of my head. Brilliant song despite what anyone else says.
- Adam, Norwich, England
I love this song, Yest a lot of peole i have plyed it to also find it disturbing. I think the use of the simalar sounding lyric smile on mighty Jesus / Spinal Meningitis is brilliant. This Chocolate and Cheese album is their best in my opinion.. Love the Gene and Dean.
- Eric, Central Coast, Australia
I don't know why i have this song... i think it was just a free download i'd never heard of and never listened to after i got it. it came on my ipod at work and i literally stopped what i was doing and was genuinly scared. im haunted by this song more than most horror movies i've seen. worst song i've ever heard in my life.
- Amy, Little Rock, AR
No, NOT disturbingly funny. I find no humor in listening to a little girl crying "am I going to die?" to her mother.
- Ash, Charleston, WV
Disturbingly funny
- David, pepperell, MA
This is probably the most disturbing song I have ever heard.
- Ash, Charleston, WV
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