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Float On


The Floaters

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The Floaters were an R&B group formed by members of The Detroit Emeralds. This was their only hit.
Group member James Mitchell got the idea for this when it came to him in a dream. He jumped out of bed and hummed the tune into a tape recorder so he would remember it.
The idea for the lyrics was to spotlight each member of the band, who introduced themselves with their name and astrological sign.
The Floaters
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Comments (9):

To Charles Clark of the Floaters. Jonathan Murray was listed as a member. Why didn't we hear from him on 'Float on'? Was it the album version he introduced himself on? Please let us know. Thanx!
- Dave, Wheaton, IL
I remember 'Bloat On.' It was accompanied by mass overdubbed burping sounds. It was a gas!
- esskayess, Dallas, TX
To Marculus.
Hey Marculus This is Charles of the Floater, Shuga is still around and doing well, you can Facebook me for more information ok that is Charles Clark winningsouls7@gmail or Charles at FaceBook, Look for my New CD Here I am Lord ok
- Charles, Farmjngton Mich, MI
I remember this song from middle school, around 1977-1978 - me and all my friends at the time would say what our zodiac signs were, our names, and what kind of guy we were looking for, followed by the chorus of "Float On"-
- Kristin, Bessemer, AL
I've never heard this song, but I know that it's referred to in a fabulous song by Liverpool-band Half Man Half Biscuit. The song is called 'National Sh*te Day' and includes a section between verses that goes "Float, float on, float, float on, Barry...Herpes", which I gather is a reference to the "Larry...Cancer" lyric from the original, but deliberately misinterpreted as to the disease rather than the star sign! Great stuff, give them a listen.
- Nick, Brighton, United Kingdom
Whatever happened to the fabulus singer "Shuga" the group had with them in the late 80's on an album entitled "The Floaters & Shuga"? Anyone know out there holla-back.
- miraculus, sterling heights, MI
The Barron Knights also did a parody of this in their 1978 song, A Kick Up The Eighties.
- Derek, Cambridge, New Zealand
float on is favorite song i ever heard
- alexis, vacaville, CA
Cheech & Chong did a parody of this called "Bloat on" by "The Bloaters" that was absolutely hilarious. Instead of introducing the singers, the Bloaters introduced themselves as food items, then elaborated like a stand up comic's routine.
- David, Lubbock, TX
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