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Satin In A Coffin by Modest Mouse

Album: Good News For People Who Love Bad NewsReleased: 2004
  • Modest Mouse played this on The David Letterman Show in 2004. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Andrew - Abyss, PA
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Comments: 7

Are you DEAD or are you SLEEPING?Jesse - San Antoino, Tx
I love how he comes up with his lyrics. Absolutely legendary. Back in the day, when I was asked the question "who's your favorite band?"... I wasn't able to decide on one single band. That's not an issue any more, needless to say. Modest Mouse will probably be my favorite band until the day I die... and they might even be played at my funeral!Jess - Kannapolis, Nc
Owen, is this true? Where did you find this out?Nathan - St Petersburg, Fl
I don't really know exactly what the meaning of this is but i love the instruments in it. The intro (banjo i think?) is really cool. The lyrics and instruments really flow well together in this songViolet - Baltimore, Md
Owen. Thats the greatest story I have ever heard.Jake - San Fran, Ca
This is another excellent song off of good news. i like the way the song was written and the instuments are amazing. once again, GREAT JOB modest mouseMarcus - Claremore, Ok
Issac Brock wrote this song while he was experimenting with a strange mountain herb called "Satan's Breath". Upon falling into delerium he called the hotel front desk and began reciting the song word for word. The frightened foreigner recorded the call as evidence for the police. Brock paid her 15 dollars and a signed photo of George Clooney for the rights to the tape. The Mouse Rules.Owen - River Forest, Il
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