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Never Learn Not To Love by The Beach Boys

Album: 20/20Released: 1969
  • This song was originally written by Charles Manson and titled "Cease To Exist." Beach Boys drummer Dennis Wilson made some minor lyrical changes to it, which supposedly upset Manson greatly.
  • The opening sound was achieved by playing a cymbal backwards. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    John Jennings - Omaha, NE, for above 2
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Comments: 8

This song was the "B" side of a 45 single, and sure sounds like a throwaway tune. Not very inspired no matter who wrote it.Barry - New York, Nc
I seem to remember reading that Manson specifically didn't want writer's credit, and in addition he told Dennis that if he wanted to change the melody, change it all he wants, but leave the lyrics alone...which Dennis did NOT -- he kept the melody and rewrote the lyrics ("cease to exist" --> "cease to resist," for example), and after hearing the finished product, Manson took a gun over to Dennis's house...Dennis wasn't home, but Manson took a bullet out of the gun, handed it to the person who answered the door, and said to give it to Dennis when he got home. "This is for him," he told the guy. yeeks...

Also, I remember somebody said that "Never Learn Not To Love" contains both "Cease To Exist" and another Manson song...the "come in closer..." part, that is...darned if I can remember the title, but it's not on the LIE album.
Sean - Chicago, Il
I wish I could like this song, but I can't get past the fact that Manson wrote it. YUCK! I'm just glad Dennis got away from that maniac before it was too late.Sabrina - Corvallis, Or
Who says Charlie Manson couldn't write good songs? This is a great song!Breanna - Henderson, Nv
Having heard both mansons and The Beachboys versions. The Beachboys song reflects a positive spin on the mansons lyric transforming it from mundane to uplifting. Musically mansons version is shambolic and unsophisticated and in stark contrast to the Dennis Wilson version which is soulful and musically accomplished.Djmugster - Glasgow, United Kingdom
By no means a musician? Whatever. I'll be honest..the Beach Boys version was awful. Dennis ruined what was Charles great bare song. I actually like that about most of Manson's music. Its bare and raw. If you don't think Manson is a musician look up "Invisible Tears" on youtube. An amazing song. You really hear him sing from the heart.Alex - Youngstown, Oh
I am a huge Beach Boys/ Brian Wilson/ Denis Wilson fan, but I've never heard their version. I have heard Manson's version, and while he is by no means a musician, it's a goodish song written by a simple, poetic man. Give it a listen......charliemanson.comMari - Enid, Ok
Reportedly, Dennis didn't give Manson writer's credit (with royalties to go with it) because Manson and his 'family' ripped off about "$100,000 worth of stuff" including Gold Disc awards from Dennis's house when they crashed (and trashed) there -- and wouldn't leave. Anyway, it was apparently changed beyond recognition, transformed in the studio by Dennis's enormous talent from a nondescript folk song into a towering achievement of Gothic -- the style Dennis was into at the time.Gary - Auckland, New Zealand
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