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She's Goin' Bald by The Beach Boys

Album: Smiley SmileReleased: 1967
  • Mike Love changed some lyrics for the Smiley Smile version. The original SMiLE sessions version had a verse about a speechmaking business man. It was originally titled "He Gives Speeches."
  • The "Sha Na Na Na" section is based off the Silhouettes 1958 #1 single "Get A Job." It turns "Get A Job" into "What A Blow," a coincidence that somehow convinced drummer Dennis Wilson that this song was about fellatio.
  • Humour was supposed to be a feature of Smile. The speeding up of "What a blow" and the humourous narration from Mike Love and Brian Wilson made this part of Brian's musical comedy concept. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    John Jennings - Omaha, NE, for above 3
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Comments: 3

Every Beach Boy except Bruce (who was technically a Beach Boy at the time) gets to sing a line on this...

Mike: Silken hair more silken hair fell on her face and no wind was blowing...

Carl: Silken hair more silken hair lay near her pillbox down at her feet...

Dennis: I peeked in and when I saw she'd lost her hair, I thought I would tell her...

Al: When she saw her shiny forehead, didn't stop she swooned to the ground...

Brian: Cry so hard I blew my mind...

Mike: I blew my cool, I blew myself over...
Dan - Los Angeles, Ca
There's some irony in Mike Love, the bald Beach Boy, singing a song about a woman going bald. Mike's been wearing hats for 40 years, and not because he has luxurious locks, that's for sure.Kevin - Reading , Pa
I know of two things that are going bald. For one, my head. For two, the tires on my '78 Dodge Magnum and my girlfriend's 1977 Volvo. OK, maybe 9 things.Darrell - Eugene
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