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If You Leave Me Now



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Chicago's bass player Peter Cetera wrote this and sang lead. After it became a huge hit, the band became known for its ballads that featured Cetera's vocals and de-emphasized the horn section.
This won a Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Performance By a Duo, Group or Chorus and received Record of the Year.
In the UK, this was Chicago's only #1 hit.
This was the first Chicago single to feature an acoustic guitar lead. It was also their first #1 hit. (thanks, john - jacksonville, FL)
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Comments (24):

The ONLY Chicago song which STANDS OUT from the rest !
- Adrian, Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Idk why but lately I have been playing the sadder Chicago songs on my Ipod. This is one of 'em. Guess I am just an emotional trainwreck sometime...well most of the time ):
- Elliott, Franklin, TN
I will always love this song and Peter Cetera's voice.
- Tanya, La Verne, CA
This song remind me of my ex-neighbours whenever they quarrelled.
- Adrian, Johor Bahru, Malaysia
This was their 22nd charted record and 1st No. 1...
- Barry, Sauquoit, NY
Hahahaha :) it's more like " I just got to have your love and care", isn't it? Hope it helps. Love this song anyway.
- Troip, Wegierska Gorka, Poland
I wonder what was meant by "oooh mama I just got to have your lovin hair" towards the fading part of the song.
- Adrian, Johor Bahru, Malaysia
To Markus: Stockholm, Sweden : are you deaf? Hard To Say I'm Sorry is not close to the same class as other Chicago songs such as You're The Inspiration, Look Away, 25 or 6 to 4, and Does Anybody Really Know Waht Time It Is?!
- Joe, Chicago, IL
It was a throw in towards the end of producing Chicago X.
- Henry, Pawtucket, RI
I prefer Butters' version of this song.
- Jeff, Austin, TX
i can remember going to ridley north and slow dancing to this when i was a kid.. .. what a well produced song.. it had so much modern day soul...
tom lesko american seance
- tommy, ridley, PA
their best songs came '82 and '84... "Hard To Say I'm Sorry" and "You're The Inspiration"... then of course "If You Leave Me Now" is also in the same class but hey, I mean they have made better songs since then
- Markus, Stockholm, Sweden
I do think that later dChicago music isn't as good, but that had plenty of good songs in the 70's. I like this one but it isn't my favorite of theirs. It's nothing to be upset about. Calm down Andrew!
- Stefanie, Rock Hill, SC
Hey Andrew ??????? you need a good orgasm !!!!!

just take it easy man, take it eaaaaaaaaaaasy
- pete, nowra, Australia
Butters Stotch's favourite song!
- Fiona, Napier, New Zealand
i preferred it when the cherry sang it
- Papa Burgundy, Bridlington, England
As I recall, Peter wrote this song after spending time with Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys fame, hence the layered vocals and cascading strings.. and the number one hit
- alex, london, England
Peter Cetera's Music is The Greatest... PETER CETERA ALL THE WAY!!!
- Paul, Arlington, TX
The truth always hurts boys!
- Andrew, Toronto
Peter Cetera wrote this song about his faltering marriage. This was a plea to his wife at the time to stay. It didn't work as she promptly left him. That's a fact.
- Paul, Peterborough, England
Just because you said that, Andrew, this song really is better than you!
- George, Fort Worth, TX
This Song Is Better Than YOU!!!
- Paul Serrato, Arlington, TX
This was the beginning of the end for this once great and innovative band after this Chicago became a vehicle for Peter Cetera to showcase his middle of the road pap and launch his solo career much like Genesis and Phil Collins but with less success.
- Andrew, Toronto
Jim Guercio, the band's producer for their first 10 albums, played the acoustic guitar solo.
- Charles, Charlotte, NC
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