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Liberate by Disturbed

Album: BelieveReleased: 2002
  • This is about laying down our weapons, hatred, and minor differences and working together as a people, as such things will only keep us apart. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Ryan - Don't matter, Ireland
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Comments: 35

Song is about programming your subconscious to open your mind. It's a tip from the government from what I take out of it.Michael - Harlington Texas
This is probably my favorite song by Disturbed.Jacob - Jackson, Tn
This song is not anti religion in any way.Its about how wen we believe in something we reject other peoples believes.An atheist rejecting someones religios believes is just as narrow minded as someone religios rejecting an atheists believes.Its saying that we should stop hating people for what they believe in.Noone - Nowhere, Bulgaria
It's a song that leaves you with a lot of questions.Corey - Richmond, Va
In response to the last question; I would guess they fall under the heading of Occultic religion, based on 2000's 'The Sickness' and the bands overall pessimistic and demonic tone, however broad that is... Also just a note to the rest of the people who think that religion is dumb and closed minded, that's fine if you think that but look at the song objectively and stop breathing your opinions into it. Liberate your mind (the phrase) is so open ended there is hardly one proper interpretation, and just because a Bible verse is quoted does not instantly mean they are pro/anti religious, the Bible is widely known and is often quoted to grab people's attention and create a 'stir' for whatever quoted it. Also if your going to use this as a means to attack Christianity then Judaism should also be on the chopping block, because the Messiah promised in Micah has come; and they rejected him, , from this view Islam is also 'attacked' as they reject Jesus as the prince of peace, and the means to not learn war anymore, thus they did not 'liberate their minds' from their wrong teachings, my point being; the song is vague and is ultimately undefinable and no matter what your interpreting its a bad idea to breathe your opinions into it, judge the text for what it says. However the quote is from Micah.Timothy - Portland, Tn
I think that it is saying that we are waiting for our Messiah (Jesus) to return before we quit the hatred and the evil that we are causing here on Earth. David is saying that we shouldn't wait on Jesus to stop our own hatred, that comes from us. He says he too is still waiting because he too, cannot extinguish his hate.Kevin - Duluth, Ga
I belive this is how pointless "holy" crusades are pointless, like all the religions have the same veiws of life and death just differant ways of sayiing it. when it says "...Bold m****rf****r Don't limmit your mind Can't you see that the pace Has fallen behind All the hate in your heart Will be leaving you blind..." it just saying how if you hate all and say their veiws are blind you are the one who is blind. "Waiting for your modern messaih..." your just sitting there waiting for some "all powerful being" to save you.Dylon - Grant, Mi
i personally think that this song is about atheists and the only reason that i think that is because in the song he says bold mother f--ker dont you limit your mind. Atheists are considered well educated bold people because they believe that "Science" created the earth. He is saying that they have no proof that evolution or anything like that is true. we have Scientific proof that jesus was a realy person and he did do what he said that he did but Atheists are so narrow minded that they dont see the lord for what he trully isChristian - Red Lion, Pa
I agree with Jason from Richmond and Bryce from TX.Cory - Victor, Ny
Being a Christian and listening to this song, it first disturbed me (no pun intended), but once I took a good look at the lyrics, especially in the context of the last 8 years' worth of politics, it makes good sense and I agree with it:

Christians -- or, more accurately, people who go to church -- are known for being closed-minded, so this is obviously directed toward them (I don't consider myself in that category; if you want to know why, ask me).

The fact that the chorus mentions a "modern messiah" taking away the hatred in their hearts seems to me to indicate that the messiah of the modern church is not the same as the true Messiah (and if you take the interpretation of Jesus from the people to whom the song is directed at -- see above -- then this is true because they don't view Jesus properly). "It darkens the light in your eye." The eye is the window to the soul, so this would mean that, from the song's perspective, those people also have dark souls. They expect their "messiah" to do all the work, forgetting the admonition in the New Testament to "work out your own salvation with fear and trembling" (Philippians 2:12),

As far as the Scripture quotations:

Out of Zion shall come forth the law (Isaiah 2:3)
And the word of the Lord from Jerusalem (Isaiah 2:3)
Nation shall not raise sword against nation (Isaiah 2:4)
And they shall not learn war anymore (Isaiah 2:4)
For the mouth of the Lord hath spoken (Isaiah 1:20)

Remember when George W. Bush was on that whole "born again christian" kick after 9/11? He rode that thing for all it was worth (re-election), and I don't think he really talks about it anymore. I don't believe he was ever a true christian, but the fact that he falsely proclaimed it reminds me of a historical figure who went to Mass one day to get people to vote for him. This man touted the same perspective by saying that "(insert city name) is worth a Mass."

Basically, politicians shouldn't use religion as an excuse to make war, and most people who call themselves "christians" need to stop hating and start loving others.

Just my $.02 worth...
Jason - Richmond, Va
Alex from CA whered u hear that the messiah is coming and that if you havent done anything good he'll put u into hell? i think its more about how much non-bad stuff you did. if u didnt killraperob people then ur probably gonna b goodBrad - Yaphank, Ny
bryce from austin tx got the right idea. its just hard to get up from being a nobody and help the worldBrad - Yaphank, Ny
i never thought that this song was about the secound coming of Jesus i thought that it was about people not folowing the ways of god and we need a modern messiah to help us get back on trackChristian - Red Lion, Pa
I saw it as 'Don't sit on your a$$es waiting for the second coming, get up and HELP YOURSELVES.' I never saw it as offensive, I am a Christian.Danielle - The Fort,, In
The song is a collaboration of Micah 4:1-4, so if you want to read it, you can figure it out a little bit more.Justin - Jacksonville, Fl
Please, can someone tell me why some people always have to draw the conclusion that, "OMG THIS SONG IS ABOUT THE NEXT COMING OF CHRIST, IT WILL HAPPEN, YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN, WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE! OMG!!1ONE!" The song is about DISCRIMINATION! "Waiting for your modern Messiah, to take away all the hatred, that darkens the light in your eye, still awaiting I." Those lyrics mean that the public is blinded by hatred and discrimination, and those that see past it are getting sick of waiting around for someone to change it, and it's time to do something about it! Damn it, when will you paranoid bastards stop thinking about "the inevitable doom" and LIVE YOUR LIFE THE WAY YOU WANT TO, AS GOD HIMSELF INTENDED?!Stewie - St.john's, Canada
There is a messiah coming...you just dont know when...it could be at anytime. In the bible it clearly states that there will be a rapture,where there will be natural diasters, and a lot of other things.

And when you die you will face the lord jesus christ and he will ask why he should let you into heaven,and if you have no personal relationship with him he will deny you in front of the Gate Of Heaven and he will hurl you into the lake of fire.
Alex - Beverly Hills, Ca
I believe that what "Bryce, Austin, TX" is saying is true. When it says "Waiting for your modern Messiah to take away all the hatred." it doesn't mean any religion waiting for someone, it means that you should be able to do it yourself; you can't wait for someone that might now even come. There's no time to lose when it comes to fixing this earth, you have to do it yourself. Don't wait on some "messiah". YOU change the world.Matt - K-town, Canada
"Calling on people around the world to liberate their minds of hatred and war" or something to that extent, what it is really trying to through it for people to stop fighting over difference in religion and yes that people need to do something instead of waiting for their 'messiah' which every major religion hasDj - Pipestone, Co
I think that this song is all about the war. "Waiting for your modern Messiah to take away all the hatred." is saying "what the hell are you waiting for and why? There are problems in the world that can be fixed by you. Why are you waiting for someone to come along and fix it for you? Get off your lazy a** and do something about all the pain and suffering in the world." I noticed that my opinion is different from pretty much everbodyelse on this posting, but hey what are you gaonna do?Bryce - Austin, Tx
I believe this song is about religion and the fact that some people are not open to it " liberate your mind you motherf****er, your so narrow minded so narrow minded so liberate your mind you mother f***er wont you liberate your mind this time"Moon - Aplace, Ut
hey i dont think the whole messiah part of the song is making reference to christianity for i know that disturbeds lead singer, David Draiman happens to be jewish. and i also know that he wrote these lyrics. i personally think that he is refering to the "meshiah" of the jews.Michael - Jerusalem, Israel
this song is an incredible song.
I think it is about both religion and war and also the position our world is in. They are singing about what is wrong but evntually somthing will come/happen and change it all.
Max - Portland, Me
ok i take back what i said i guess i was just going through a Religion crisis, but i think this song was written about the 9/11 attacks and its basically a message to the culprits in afghanistan, plus if you notice it came out in 2002 so i dont think this has nothing to do with religion at all, but about the warCameron - Seward,pa, Pa
sorry not cameron i meant edwardJ - Norfolk, Va
I think that by modern messiah its not reffering to Jesus. Yes the messiah is used many many times in many religions, but the real definiton for messiah is "any expected deliverer". I understand where you guys are coming from but by modern messiah, I think it means someone in the near future who will help us put down our weapons and live in the new world the bible says will come in revelations. The messiah, I belive may not come exaclty as the bible says, just as many differnt stories in the bible. I hope this "modern messiah" will come and help us create the new earth that is said to come.Matt - Dallas, Tx
I believe this has to do with a little bit of both. If it is about worrying about religion then thank you disturbed because our world is poisoned with the thought that there is a power above us, nobody wants to accept the fact that when you die you die. So honestly don't worry about what to beleive and live your to the fullest than wasting your time being depressed and wanting to die so you can "go to heaven".Cameron - Seward,pa, Pa
Nation shall not raise sword against nation, and they shall not be trained for war anymore.
-Isaiah 2:2-4

nation shall not lift sword against nation nor ever again be trained for war, and each man shall dwell under his own vine, under his own fig-tree, undisturbed.
-Micah 4:2-4

Both of these are Biblical, not Mormon... the book of Mormon copies this. I believe this song is singing about How religion is foolish, how you should liberate your mind, and how we are just sitting here waiting for a messiah to come and fix the world, when we should do it ourself.
Mike - Texas, Tx
This is about the whole book of mormon thing..Nation shall not raise sword against nation..that basic line is in the book of Micah in the regular bible too Micah 4:3 "nation shall not lift up a sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more." ..i just wanted to mention that becuz mormons are retarded..but then again..i think all christians are..kinda retarded too in a way..but i thought i'd mention that..Edward - Placerville, Ca
They quote from the book of mormon. They're mormon. That's where "nation will not raise sword against nation" comes from.
"Out of Zion shall come forth a law/

And the word of the Lord from Jerusalem/

Nation shall not raise sword against nation/

And they shall not learn war anymore/

For the mouth of the Lord hath spoken". That's ALL from the book of mormon.
Rony - Houston, Tx
sam i see what u mean. i think it is about freeing your mind of all the bad things like guns, killing, and so on. i think the whole "liberate your mind u motherf###er is stressing how INPORTANT it is.Nate - Chicago, Il
I believe that this song IS about working together. The lyrics "Waiting, for your modern messiah
To take away all the hatred
That darkens the light in your eye
Still awaiting.", to me means that everyone is waiting for god, or whoever they worship, to solve their problems for them, but they are still waiting. We need to stand up for ourselves as humanity and end war so "nation will not raise sword against nation".
Daniel - Bellingham, Wa
it's not really saying that sam, no offence to you, if it was it would be offending to me also and i might not listen to it. i think even tho he says he doesnt like "religion" it's referring to judaism, how draiman was raised might i add. about how they are waiting for there messiah, not reffering to christian faith. but it also is talking about war and how we need to get along, which is the whole theme of the albumSteve - Keene, Nh
I agree with sam. If you look at the lyrics," waiting for your modern messiah," then you would realize that its not about working together. I wish it was though.Joe - Racine, Wi
I thought it was saying free your mind from the thought that God is coming to save us. Which would affend me. Are they any type of religon? j/wSam - Racine, Wi
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