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Parachute by Kaiser Chiefs

Album: Stay TogetherReleased: 2016
  • The first single from Stay Together finds Kaiser Chiefs returning to their roots. "When we wrote the first record we were very direct, little needed explaining. The songs seemed to speak for themselves and did all the hard work for us," frontman Ricky Wilson said. "'Parachute' is pretty self-explanatory and a bit of a return to that. 'Parachute' is probably the first love song we've written since 'Ruby'."
  • Kaiser Chiefs worked with Xenomania producer Brian Higgins for the songs on Stay Together. Higgins is behind hits like Cher's "Believe" Girls Aloud's "Something New" and Sugababes "Round Round." Wilson said: "When we finished writing the last record we realised that the most important thing to everyone is what's going on in their lives. Their 'personal politics' and that's what this album is about."

    "If Education, Education, Education & War was our protest album, then Stay Together is our relationship album," he added. "Brian [Higgins] brought a very different approach to song writing and recording, it was a steep learning curve but together we tried out new ideas and sounds and ended up with a new and fresh sounding Kaiser Chiefs album. Like no Kaiser Chiefs record you have heard before."
  • The song's music video was directed by Ed Sayers and shot at the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre's diving pool. Ricky Wilson performed his own stunts, leaping from the 30-foot high board over 50 times during the course of the filming.
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