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We Have Heaven by Yes

Album: FragileReleased: 1972
  • Each of the five members of the band contributed one track of their own design to this album. Jon Anderson sang all the vocal parts on this, Bill Bruford created "Five Per Cent For Nothing" (played by the entire group with percussion instruments), "The Fish" was created by Chris Squire using only the bass guitar, and Steve Howe did "Mood For A Day" as a solo guitar piece. "Cans And Brahms" was not only arranged by Rick Wakeman, he played all the parts as well. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Randy - Chicago Heights, IL
  • A reprise of this song begins several seconds after the last track, "Heart of the Sunrise," ends. It takes about a minute to fade out brining the length of the overall track to 11:27, which at that time was the longest song Yes had released. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Adrian - Brookings, SD
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Comments: 19

This song makes me think of the Second Coming of Christ: it is seemingly an ordinary day, men lying, working, killing, dying, sleeping. But then there is a moment of quiet in the countryside bordering ancient woods. An old man sitting alone in a chair on his porch feels a shiver, not of fear, but of the Holy Spirit. He knows something is happening. Mild forest creatures; a hare, a fox, a stag; approach his yard from the wood. He feels joy, because he sees the Holy Spirit in them, he knows that the Lord Christ is coming, and they are part of his herald. A beautiful simple song is heard, it builds in power and beauty, and spreads over the earth. People begin to disappear from the earth, those left behind are bemused. Then suddenly, the judgment is over. Those who had no faith are deprived of heaven, but those who had it are with God.Eric - San Jose, Ca
If you listen closely to the background, it sounds like the keep repeating "take another hit"Bruce - Brewster, Ny
I would say #5 is Do Look Around! (not 'to')Alex - Biel, Switzerland
LOL!!! We always sing Tell the moon, don't tell the martians. Thanks for clearing that up!Taylor - West Palm Beach, Fl
Such cool layering on this one. Great song!Sam - Hipsville, Ca
One of the finest tunes I know - the vocals, the piano, and the way it's all blended together - most excellent. I will put in my vote as the lyrics are ...we LIKE heaven. VERY COOL to see the U Tube clip - THANKS for getting it there, whoever you are.Steve - Whittier, Ca
I love this song! I don't think there is any specific meaning, just Jon Anderson having fun creating a vibe with his voice. I made a transcription of the lyrics (LONG TIME, wearing headphones!) using different colored text for each of the voices. There are 6 main voices/phrases used throughout the song...there may also be a few more buried in the mix. Here are the six voices as I hear them and in the order that they come in during the song:

1. Tell the moondog, tell the march hare
2. We have heaven (We like heaven used once)
3. Tell the moon
4. He is here
5. To look around
6. Yes!
Jim - Johnsonburg, Ny
Sounds to me more like "We LIKE heaven". Which is only slightly less ridiculous.Michael - Oxford, -
I made an animated film to this song in college, back in 1981. Basically, the furniture in my living room moved to the beat. A lounge chair would open and close, the blinds moved up and down, the coat rack spun with that occasional clanging percussion sound...

Since I had to listen to the song over and over, I knew the words were moon-dog and march hare, but I noticed that the third time round Anderson sings "We LIE heaven" instead of "have" (as if that makes a big difference.) There's also a track of him singing "Tell the man" (I think!) behind the "Tell the moon-dog" line when the parts start overlaying each other.

I still have no idea what the song's about, but it made for a good little film!
Chris - Evanston, Il
the Lyrics are "tell the moon dog, tell the march hare" as read inside the cd cover the cover--also, it doesn't have to make sense--it's music- an art form- don't try to analyze it too muchKen - Aberdeen, Md
Correct Lyrics
We Have Heaven
Jon Anderson

Tell the Moon-dog, tell the March-hare
Tell the Moon-dog, tell the March-hare
To Look around, to look around
Yes, he is here; Yes, he is here .
In my opinion, YES and each of many band members remain in the top five of the best bands ever including solo works, albums and live concerts.
D L - Nashville, Tn
I believe the correct line is " Tell The Moon Dog. Tell The March Hare". as were the lyrics we sung in our band way back when. I think I got the lyrics from one of Yes music publications that were available at that time....Jim - Somewhere, Pa
Me and my buddy in junior high would sing the "To look around" line when we were heading to the mall to look at girls!Fyodor - Denver, Co
Actully Listening to "The Ladder" (1999)i found out that "Can I?" also has the "we have heaven" saying it it...Max - Sydney, Australia
I Thought it was tell the moon don't tell the Marcher....Max - Sydney, Australia
the lyrics i added are the ones that are said in the CD caseJoe - Albion, Ny
I really like this song because it starts off with just "tell the moon, don't tell the marcher" then after jon says it a few more times backing vocals go "we have heaven" then "tell the moon, don't tell the marcher. tell the moon, don't tell the marcher". then he go's "he is here, he is here, he is here here is here." then "look around" and then "yes" (wich is the name of the band!) then a door closes then there a running sound. VERY GOOD!! and it dosent make much sense either...Max - Sydney, Australia
I always thought it was "Tell the moon-dog, tell the march hare"....kind of an Alice-in-Wonderland feel ?Gregg - Denver, Co
Always a classic. From what I thought I heard, he's saying, "We have heaven," "He is here," "Look around," "Here is here," "Yes," and "Tell the moon, don't tell the marger." Never seems to make sense, but I'm sure it all does to Jon!Andrew - New Middletown, Oh
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