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It's Not Unusual


Tom Jones

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This was written by the classical music arranger and conductor Les Reed along with Tom Jones' manager Gordon Mills. They wrote it for the British singer Sandie Shaw, but she turned it down. Tom Jones saw the song's potential, recorded it, and it became his first hit single. Jones recalled to The Mail On Sunday February 6, 2011: "I did the demo on this song when it was being offered to Sandie Shaw. I was just starting out and, God bless her, she said: 'Whoever's singing this, it's his song.' Finding great new songs is never easy, and back in those days, finding one that would fit me – the way I felt and sang anyway – was difficult. I'm indebted to Sandie for being so generous."
Tom Jones' real name is Thomas Jones Woodward. He was spotted supporting Mandy Rice-Davies by the manager Gordon Mills who suggested the name Tom Jones and secured him a deal with Decca. After a succession of hit singles in the UK and US he moved to California in 1969, performing regularly in Las Vegas.
Tom Jones told the Observer Music Monthly December 2008 that first version he recorded wasn't anything special: "Then my producer Peter Sullivan said: 'You've got a big voice. Nice is not enough. You are not nice!' As a result, the song jumped out of the speakers and became a hit."
Jones recorded this song with many of the top British session musicians of the time. Vic Flick, who played guitar on the track, told us: "Tom had a goal in life and nothing was going to stop him. He is a great singer and all round good performer - lots of stage presence. His recordings were always good to work on. Great songs, very good arrangements and always a great band."
Tom Jones
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Comments (11):

My mom was a big Tom Jones fan. We watched his TV show, "This is Tom Jones". We had the 45 of this single. This is a great song, fun to sing along with and lyrics many can relate to: "love will never do, what you want it to...why can't this crazy love be mine?" ...Whoa-oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! The sentiment expressed seems to be a guy who, tho somewhat frustrated with love, seems to be taking it all in stride, as the tune is upbeat. The instruments in the background do a great job highlighting the emotional content of the song.
- Camille, Toronto, OH
Tom was Carlton's Guardian Angel,and what it would be like if Carlton wasn't even born,Hilary does her hair and Ashley Dances,and the dad paints.Carlton sung it's not unusual. Johnny bravo,on the episode The Boy who cried,"Clown" Bunny Bravo was dreaming about her and Tom Jones in a jacuzzi in an airplane.
- Jennifer Harris, Grand Blanc, MI
Whilst this song was indeed written for Sandie Shaw in mind, it was Tom who sang on the 'demo' which was rejected by her manager, Eve Taylor.

After that, it was rejected by Frankie Vaughan, before Tom re-recorded the hit version we know today.

Originally, the BBC wouldn't play it, claiming it was 'too raunchy', so it was left to the 'Pirate' radio stations to eventually make the record a success.
- Paul, London, United Kingdom
Tom Jones once recorded a Coca-cola jingle using this song. It's on the Things Go Better With Coke CD
- Nunzio, Darwin, Australia
This song is used several times in the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. It usually is played as Carlton dances to it like an idiot in a humorous manner.
- Ross, Brainard, NE
Mr Burns kidnapped him
- BONES, New Plymouth, New Zealand
I remember the Simpsons episode with Tom Jones. Mr. Burns was in love with Marge so he sent Tom to sing to her.
- Howard, St. Louis Park, MN
Jimmy Page played the guitar and Chris Slade(ac/dc/,etc) played the Drums.Around that time they were studio players.
- Anthony, Las Palmas, Spain
I think i heard somewhere Jimmy Page played guitar on this.
- Marlon, NYC, NY
This song also appears in the movie "MARS ATTACKS" in a funny scene where some of the musicians and singers are replaced by martians.
- Enrique, Lima, Peru
This song was used when Tom Jones was in an episode of the Simpsons.
- stephen, brisbane, Australia
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