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Rabbit Down the Hole by Billy Talent

Album: Afraid of HeightsReleased: 2016
  • The sixth track from Billy Talent's fifth album Afraid of Heights speaks about religion and addiction. Ben Kowalewicz, the frontman for the Canadian punk rock band, revealed the lyrical meaning of the tune in his Songfacts interview. "Sometimes people get so blinded by this thing that they lose their sense of self. The further they go into it, the more they lose," he said. "I'm not saying that's with all religions, but I'm saying the fanatical kind of people that hide. With an addiction, it's not even by choice, but you lose the plot. You just get so far gone from where you were that you're left standing there being like, 'Where am I now?'"

    "It's a long song. It takes you on a journey and builds you up and you kind of actually do get lost in it," he continued. "It's where the lyric and the melody match the vibe to what the song was saying. It all works together."
  • Kowalewicz has a particular affinity for this song. He told us why: "I love that song because it's something different and something we've never really done before in that kind of capacity."
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