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For Her by Chris Lane

Album: Girl ProblemsReleased: 2016Charted:
  • The second single from Chris Lane's debut album, Girl Problems, finds him smitten by a girl.

    She's the kind that makes you wanna
    Ride around, windows down
    Yell with the radio

    In an interview with The Boot, Lane said he considers this Kelly Archer, Sarah Buxton and Matt Dragstrem-penned song to be his "Backstreet Boys moment." He explained:

    "I grew up listening to the Backstreet Boys; there's something about that song — when I heard it, I'm like, 'Oh my God, this is like a country Backstreet Boys song, and I love everything about it.' So of course I was pumped that I was going to get to cut it."
  • Chris Lane came up with the album title after noticing a common theme between most of the songs he was recording. "While in the studio working on the album, I started to notice a trend... every song seemed to be about some type of 'girl problem'," he noted to Taste of Country, laughing. "So it was only fitting to title the album Girl Problems!"
  • The TK McKamy-directed music video shows a true-life love story, as we see a Chris Lane fan named Brandon pull off an elaborate surprise proposal to his girlfriend Connie. "I'm truly honored to have this story as part of my video," Lane told Entertainment Tonight. "The whole process was top secret. I couldn't even Snapchat certain things on set!"

    "But watching Connie's reaction when Brandon broke out into singing and then the proposal, you knew she had no idea it was coming," he added. "Her friends did a great job all day of keeping the secret."
  • Chris Lane revealed to reporters that it took a bit of convincing for Connie to believe that Brandon's proposal was for real. "Apparently, it was so far out of [Brandon's] character to do something like this," he admitted. "When he got down on his knee, she just kept saying, 'What? What? Are you serious?'"
  • The song received a sales boost after Chris Lane's appearance on the January 23, 2017 episode of ABC's reality romance series The Bachelor. Lane serenaded The Bachelor star Nick Viall and contestant Danielle L with an intimate performance of the tune during a concert in Viall's hometown of Waukesha, Wisconsin.
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