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This House Is Not for Sale by Bon Jovi

Album: This House Is Not for SaleReleased: 2016
  • This is the title track of Bon Jovi's 14th studio album. The song was inspired by a black-and-white photograph by Jerry Uelsmann, which combined a picture of an old house, with strong roots.
  • The lyrics of "This House Is Not for Sale" talk about some of the difficulties Jon Bon Jovi came across over 2014-2015 such as guitarist Richie Sambora's sudden departure from the band, his attempt to buy the Buffalo Bills, and the ending of Bon Jovi's 32-year relationship with Mercury Records. Lyrically, this song touches on adhering to principles and refusing to give up in the face of adversity.
  • The song's music video was filmed in the Pennsylvania cities of Bethlehem and Allentown and directed by Indian-born photographer and independent filmmaker Indrani. At one point the Bon Jovi quintet walk through a graveyard to an old house surrounded by giant tree roots. They then perform the song in the main room of the home.

    Explaining the house with roots theme in the clip Jon Bon Jovi said: "I came upon a photograph (by Jerry Uelsmann) and it was a big old mansion of a house and the bottom half of it was the roots of a tree. It hit me like a ton of bricks because I said, 'That's everything I'm about right now.' This picture tells the story – and the story should be a song."

    "We've been through a lot in the last three years and that emotional roller coaster that I was on – well, pain brings out great songs. It really just sets up who we are and where we're at in our careers."

    Keyboardist David Bryan added: "This great image about the house, this big tree and roots – it's all about where as a band we've been together and formed our roots in this world – and it's not for sale."
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