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My Wife by The Who

Album: Who's NextReleased: 1971
  • This was written by bassist John Entwistle - his only contribution to the album. It was probably written as an exaggeration of personal experience; he'd been out partying and had gotten in trouble with the wife.
  • Entwistle re-recorded this song for his third solo album, Rigor Mortis Sets In (1973). >>
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    Bertrand - Paris, France
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Comments: 22

On the “Kids Are Alright” album, and also on the video available on this page, there are one or two words which are spoken at the very end, after the song is over. On the album I think it is Roger D. that speaks the words, but on the video on this page it sounds like John E. is saying them. Anyone know what the word or words are? It sounds like “be offs” or something like that. Thanks.Jp - Roanoke, Va
This is the funniest song ever written. EVER!! I had to write down the lyrics for this way back when I was a teenager.Loved it then and now that I've been married 23 years, I love it more than ever. Hilarious! I think there's a whole side to joh Entwistle that we never really saw, only in his lyrics.Guy - Woodinville, Wa
Man,I can't believe it. I recently rediscovered this song. I heard this song in college when it was released in 1971. I was also a DJ on a Progressive Rock FM station and played the song. I always loved the instrumentation and the horns in the final 1/3 of the song. I have been married 35 years next month and the lyrics apply to me so much!! I have a new found appreciation of this song!Rob - Charleston, Sc, Wv
Played at my wedding in my head...Unbelievable drum part...Keith Moon...RIP..Fudge - Los Banos, Ca
oh, jeez i absolutely Love this song...and The Who in general :) . John Entwistle rocks, yo!!Carolina - Palm Springs, Ca
when she first heard it she thought it was hilarious and wanted to chase the band mémbers around when they were preforming itSage - San Fran, Ca
John's major (and only) contribution to Who's Next...

He wrote it, sung it, and played bass, piano and brass on it.
Jack - Riverside, Ca
I didn't understand a word of this song until I downloaded the lyrics. I like it.Allen - Bethel, Ak
John Entwistle certainly had a sense of humour. (Eg. Boris)Aylin - Montreal
It is a clasic song of a man running away from his wife.This is shown in the line "When she catches up with me Won't be no time to explain"Mike - Germantown, Md
I thought this song was where a guy waits to shoot his wife right when she walks into the door and then run away with his friends. This is a pretty good song.Paul - Aurora, Il
Its wrote and sung by john! It also made the album' Who's Next. Not sure if it was meant to be on the Lifehouse Project of pete's but i Love the Song and glad i got to hear it! Rock on, Rock God John!!James - Staffordshire, England
I thought this song what fit perfect in the soundtrack to the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith, where husband and wife are trying to kill eachother.Spence - Smithfield, Va
This song is hilarious! I love it!Stefanie Magura - Rock Hill, Sc
This song hasnt put off maraige. Cause now it sounds like great fun!Vincent - St. Davids, England
His wife Alison thought it was funny when she first heard it.Fintan - Cheltenham, England
It takes a genius to write an upbeat, rocking song about your wife wanting to murder you -- but that goes without saying since the songwriter is John Entwistle! It doesn't fit in with all Pete's "Lifehouse" music, and I like it even better for that.Jude - Thomasville, Ga
pretty funny song once you figure out the lyrics... john entwistle wasn't a bad songwriterKabrams - Dallas, Tx
All I did was have a bit too much to drink
And I picked the wrong precinct
Got picked up by the law
And now I ain't got time to think

I just love that line.
Gregmon - Intelbuquerque, Nm
John sang it - and did a great job. This is one of my favorite Who tunes.Anthony - Clearwater, Fl
Yup, it was sung by John.Sara
i think this song was song by pete, or john, because it doesn't sound like daultry.Charlie - Thomaston, Ct
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