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00000 Million by Bon Iver

Album: 22, A MillionReleased: 2016
  • Each song title on 22, a Million begins with a number that holds a private significance for Bon Iver mainman Justin Vernon. The album begins with "22 (OVER S00 00N)" and concludes with this piano-driven hymnal.

    "Being 22 is me," Vernon explained to The New York Times, "and then the last song being a million, which is this great elusive thing: like, what's a million?"

    "The album deals a lot with duality in general and how that works into the math. I was big into Taoism in college, and the paradox of duality, and how it's always one thing and the other — you can never have one thing without the other," he continued. "So it's 22 being me and a million being the Other. That was a way to look at it as a circle."
  • The song was recorded on The Jeanette, an upright acoustic piano hooked up to pedals and gear, allowing Vernon to create a hymn-like one-man chorus.
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