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Album: The RiverReleased: 1980
  • When Springsteen performs this live, it's usually as part of the encore. He often starts it off by dragging his guitar across the microphone stand, and extends it well past 10 minutes. Sometimes Roy Bittan plays a number on the piano while the rest of the band leaves the stage. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Kyle - Belleville, Canada
  • Springsteen wrote this to energize his live shows on the River tour. Other songs he wrote for this reason include "Hungry Heart," "Cadillac Ranch," "Two Hears" and "I'm A Rocker." While the others weren't played much on his later tours, Bruce often plays this still to this very day. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Kyle - Belleville, Canada
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Comments: 4

Hi i'm from Germany and I do not know the of the part of the Lyrics "I wanna ramrod with you honey" . What does that mean.?Manfred - Marktsteft, Germany
You know Steve in Canada, they play this real slow live. I think it loses something. Just my opinion though and I'm glad you enjoy it.Mark - Worcester, Mi
Stephen King, in one of his books, called this one of the top 10 rock songs of all times. King knows Rock and Roll too. He writes his books to howling hard rock.Mark - Worcester, Mi
Great song on cd but it really comes to life in concert. Bruce stretches it out and does not become boring.Steve - Markham, Canada
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